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Dream to Interview Kimberly Krieger

October 12, 2007
By Anonymous

I really want to have converstaion with Kimbery Krieger, the author "Chicken soup soul".Her books inspre me because I feel I learen about other teenager's life problems.I would want to tell her about the lessons and i learned while reading her books.Finally, I'd let her know how her topics interest me.

Reading every book she wrote, I deveelope my confident more.She always say"friends comes and goes." in her book,everything is truth;she never made up any stuff such as story like friendship and love.
She have goals to see teens represented in a more positive light, and it is her strong belief that teens deserve better and more positive treatment.
However, she spends almost reading 100 story and letters from people i do not know how she can solve all their problems.Then, she spends time traveling to countries to countires examples about tennager's life to adults.
Chicken soup for the soul book inspire me because learning about other tennagers problems.That's why i really like to have a interview with Kimberly Kriege.

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