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Interview: Andrea Nickels

January 11, 2008
By Anonymous

What your name? Andrea Nickels
How old are you? 24 years old
Where were you born? I was born in a small lakefront Town of manitowoc, WI. I had a wonderful childhood because i knew everyone in the community and we were all close to each other.
How is your career? i am a teacher and i love it. Every moment that a child learns something new is so precious and i truly enjoy being a part of that process.
How many siblings do you have? i have two older brothers whom i am very close with.
What was your last school? i used to teach high school in miami, FL. I really enjoyed the school because all of my student's families attended that school so it had a lot of history and tradition to it.
What is your like and dislike? i love football especially the Green bay packers. i dislike aruging and it is hard for me to see my students argue with one another.
Do you have any regret? i would like to travel a little bit more. I especially want to go to china.
What is your parent name? My parents' names are jim and mary jane.
Why do you want to be teacher? I want to be a teacher because i want to have a positive influence on my students' lives and push them to achieve their full potential.

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