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Amazing Woman

November 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Teen Ink,
Kathy, a Spokane resident and has been one for most of her life. She lived a horrible, rough life. She has been mistreated and disrespected from all of her ex-husbands. Out of all the divorces that she has been through this last one demolished her.
Kathy has been through the weeping sorrow of her mother’s death. Kathy, being cheated out of out of her life. She has been mistreated by her last husband. Kathy’s husband walked out on her just like her grandchildren’s mother walked out on them. Kathy’s husband left her and the two grandchildren with no money. But she still has to take care of her two grandchildren with no money and no support, also no help. Kathy has taken care of her two grandchildren for eleven straight years.
Kathy has to deal with her grandchildren always pondering about their mother. The fathers never came into the picture until the grandson’s father got out of prison. The granddaughter father never came to visit her besides a couple of times over the past couple years. Kathy doesn’t want the children to see their mother or their fathers. Seeing their parents causes a ton of chaos between everyone in the house. Despite all the devastating events Kathy has lived through, she has determination. If every woman acted like Kathy then the world would be a glorious place.

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