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Mike Huckabee - starting out in Radio

September 11, 2011
By pavlina GOLD, Port Orange, Florida
pavlina GOLD, Port Orange, Florida
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I got invited to be part of the Mini press conference as

Mike Huckabee was touring the country on his book tour. That’s was a pretty

Cool invite so I traveled down to one of his tour cities in Jupiter, Florida to be

Part of the press conference in Florida. I’ve done interviews backstage, in hotel

Lobbies, in vip rooms, but never a press conference before so I wasn’t nervous but

I was concerned about the procedure. Well, it turned out that I didn’t need to over-

Think it because I got an exclusive one on one interview with Mike Huckabee. So

Here’s my talk with Governor Mike Huckabee.

Good Afternoon Governor Huckabee, My name is Pavlina from Pavlina’s Kidz Place

Which airs on 91.5fm WAPN and 91.7fm and I’m a special reporter for various news

Papers in Florida and Georgia.

Q. “You started in radio and you were about my age. How did it impact you life then and

With what you do now?”

A “It’s been a very big part of everything I do now. My first job in radio was when I was

14 and I did sports and news and virtually everything that could be done at the station,

Including sweep floors and clean windows and really anything they needed me to do.
So it was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn. Not only did I learn to talk better
But I understood really heavy duty responsibility because at a radio station, a lot of
People depend on what you say and you have to say it right. It was a great, great,

Wonderful job that I had when I was a teenager and it also paid my way through
High school, college and grad school. So if it hadn’t been for that, I wouldn’t have had
An education so I’m really grateful!

Q “What do you like best about Christmas?”

A”I think the thing I like best about Christmas is being with my family. It’s one of the

Times we really get together and have some traditions that are very special to me. We

Always go to our church service on Christmas Eve and it becomes a wonderful thing.

We anticipate and look forward to…and than after we leave church we all go eat

Chinese food and it was nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever you know, but

That’s what we do.

Q “If you have one Christmas wish what would it be and why?”
A “Oh, I would love as a Christmas wish that our Congress would all cause their brains

To function and would work for the best interest of the people and not for themselves

And their parties and if they did that they would be giving American and the world a

Good Christmas.”

Mike Huckabee besides having been Governor for Arkansas, he was also

A presidential candidate, has written a lot of books that are on the New York Times

Bestsellers list, is a musician and also hosts his own show the Fox News Network, so

It was great talking to him. And when he said he’d put a good word for me at the

Fox Network, well, that was pretty cool too.

The author's comments:
Being part of a press conference is really great but I wanted to try for an Exclusive and was lucky enough to succeed. I didn't know that radio had made that big of an impact in his life.

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