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My Interview with Aaron Carter

February 9, 2012
By pavlina GOLD, Port Orange, Florida
pavlina GOLD, Port Orange, Florida
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I recently sat down with Super pop star Aaron Carter before his performance.

Aaron Carter starting singing when he was seven, got inspiration from his brother Nick of the Backstreet Boys, and had his hit song, “I want Candy” at thirteen. Screaming Girls have followed him ever since.

Q. “You’ve been performing most of your life, what do you like best about

A. “The best thing about performing is seeing people’s reactions to the music! That’s really where it is in my heart…is seeing them reacting positively - putting a smile on their face, singing along with the songs…that makes you feel so good! Especially when you’ve had involvement in the record and when you write the song and see that, that’s really the best thing!

Q. “Have you ever been nervous? Because you always look really confident when you’re on stage, talking on shows and dancing?”

A. “I think talking on shows I get more nervous. Like right now I’m touching my face and moving a lot. I tend to do that a lot and sometimes I’ll be looking back at interviews and be like “what am I doing with my foot- like I don’t even realize my foot is going! (haha) and just weird stuff. But I get more nervous when it comes to talking and you never know what is going to be thrown your way. But when it comes to performing I do get nervous sometimes but for the most part, I’m pretty cool with it. Like I love getting up there and just tearing it up! And I love walking off the stage and being like Oh my gosh I’m going to die I feel like I’m going to die (haha) that’s the best like I know I put myself to the test!”

Q. “Having a best friend can mean a lot. Who has been a best friend to you and what best friend advice do they give that meant a lot to you?”

A. “Well, my best friend is also my manager. And some of the best advice I get from him is like usually with having a conversation and I realize I should sometimes handle certain situations a little better. Maybe I should be a little more opinionated and …he’s encouraging and helps me keep my head up. He’s not just a manager to keep me happy by saying things he doesn’t mean.”

Q. “You’ve achieved so much when you started out as a kid. Kids have all kinds of obstacles while growing up. Did you have an obstacle growing up and how did you deal with it?”

A. “I had many, many obstacles. There was always something being thrown my way. Whether it was personal or whether it was public or even both at the same time, I always had to deal with a severe amount of stress. And stress can really do you a lot of damage if you don’t know how to monitor yourself and really give yourself enough time to recoup or really understand certain situations. I guess it’s important no matter what you go through, it’s good to have someone there but also good to try to figure out within yourself what you need to do to make certain things that don’t go perfectly - better. You have to know how to being cool with yourself. That’s a lot fo what I’ve learned growing up for me I’ve spent a lot of time with thousands of girls and thousands of people around me, but a lot of those times I’ was really alone. And within those times of being alone, I had to figure out who I was and everyday I’m learning- I’m always learning something new about myself.”

Q. “You’ve worked with some really cool people - who was the most fun to work with and what made them fun to work with?”

A. “Working with Michael Jackson was amazing! He was one of my biggest influences and a really good friend as well and working in the studio with him and seeing all the artists too that were around the environment with him and the respect everyone gave him was amazing to see that. And you could only dream for that kind of respect- especially from other artists -it’s very difficult to get that. But he has been the biggest influence and one of the greatest people I’ve seen in the studio.”

Q. Plans?
A. “As of right now, we have the show tonight and then I’m heading out to los angeles and I’m going to be doing some acting stuff. Maybe some Broadway opportunity. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to have done that with Suesical the musical. It’s very difficult work.”

Aaron Carter is a super talented person and really nice. I’m sure we will see him on TV very soon and maybe what he and I would really love to see him again… on Broadway.

The author's comments:
I sit down and talk with pop/hip hop singer/actor and dancer, Aaron Carter before his performance in Florida. He's a super fun person & really nice. If you attend his performances be prepared for a lot of screaming girls:)

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