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A Bubble of Innocence

April 26, 2009
By Sarah Ball BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Sarah Ball BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Like any child, I had a care-free imagination, eyes full of innocence, and a heart that kept on beating only in hopes of love. As I went through stages of life, I gazed upon the world through a bubble, which represented my child-like innocence. This bubble enabled me to behold only the morality in the world, leaving me ignorant to the ruthless, immoral side of humanity. Also, my lucid, angelic bubble permitted me to perceive a world full of perfect beings whose only desires were to be loved. Thus, I began to mold friendships that I anticipated would last forever; due to the fact that the other person wanted to be loved just as I did. However, once I reached junior year my bubble that encased my being burst, which ultimately distorted my worldview and opened my eyes to the disturbing truth. MY FRIENDS WERE IMPERFECT!
On the day of my friend’s party, my bubble had exploded, leaving only miniscule pieces behind that offered no shelter from the world’s cruelty. Though the party had started off fine, consisting of swimming, tanning, jokes, and goldfish wars, by the time the sun went to bed and the moon rose to take its place, the mood had changed. The laugher and unity my group and I had experienced all during the day had vanished. Like usual, my group of friends divided into two mini groups. One group remained at my friend’s house watching a movie; the others roamed around St. Pius’ playground. As I traveled back and forth to both groups, I felt alienated from my friends for the first time in my life. This realization was the tiny pin that popped my bubble. The alienation was produced by a state of paranoia that I was quickly losing my friends because I was too accepting of others. For example, on weekends I was forced to choose between friends. My friends, A and C, are a great example of this because whenever I was with C; A would refuse to hang out with me. At my friend’s party I finally noticed the distance between A and me. No longer did she reveal her problems to me. No longer was I her favorite person to sit by.
Ever since the destruction of my heart-shielding bubble, I have never been the same cheerful, positive, and understanding Sarah because I acknowledge some of my once kind-hearted friends as instigators of deadly drama. Though I insist on trying to remain a TRUE FRIEND to all of my friends, their imperfections have only made this task harder by inflicting pain on me as well as others. On the other hand, my friends’ virtuous qualities encourage me to keep on trying to remain close with them. With my group of friends, it’s a battlefield of gossip grenades and betraying bombs. Though this immoral idiocy occurs, I still put forth my best efforts to be their friends. I pray that they will notice the respectable qualities each other has before they utter a word of hate, ringing the bell for another round of drama.
Overall, I struggle to continue to be the old, innocent, “in her own world” Sarah even though I see the tainted, ironic world that exists today. The truth that draws a tear. The lies that bring a smile. I realize that if I focus mainly on the morality of the world; the place of innocence my eyes once beheld still exists to this day. Thus, I will continue to stay with my friends, for they are my family whom I love so much that their imperfections will not overcome their respectable qualities.

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