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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Amy currently lives in Wisconsin, with her mother and father and annoying maltese poodle, Sophie. The move to Wisconsin was her tenth. She loves hanging out with friends and family. She plans on going to Minnesota to attend Winona College and mostly, get away from her crazy parents and become more independent. Amy is not sure what to study yet but loves to be outdoors and is a big people person. Someday, she wants to settle down and have a home in the woods with a husky and a family. Her favorite love is music and she won’t even drive until her iPod is plugged in and the music is blaring. Most of all, she is easy going and lives around the saying, “Peace, Love and Happiness”.
Amy started writing in England and learned to write her words the English way of connecting all your words. When moved to Pennsylvania, she had to learn how to write the correct way. Because of this transition, you can guess that all her words still look a little connected and sloppy. Amy will never write in pen because her brain moves faster than her hand, making mistakes all the time. Her favorite thing to write about is Peace. She thinks that peace is what the world needs to turn. This also makes her a fun loving person and very easygoing.
Usually, Amy is a procrastinator and puts everything off to the last minuet. To put off writing, she will doodle or day dream about life, she will even text friends about what their doing. She has always wanted to write to a pen pal in another country and find out all about their life style. Amy has watched Price Is Right since she was little, so her pen name would definitely be Bob Barker. Her advice to other writers would have to be to write about what inspires you to live, don’t take anything for granted because life changes so much you have to live every day to its fullest.

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