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The Passage of Time

May 5, 2009
By Elizabeth Gaubert BRONZE, Luling, Louisiana
Elizabeth Gaubert BRONZE, Luling, Louisiana
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Time. It’s a funny thing. It goes slow when you’re waiting and fast when you don’t want it to end. You can’t stop it, pause it, rewind it, fast forward it, or skip to the next chapter. You have to enjoy it while it’s here. Sometimes, time goes by too quick and you forget to stop and look around. Time is like high school. The days endlessly drag on with each class, while you wait for the class to end. You wake up on Monday wishing for Friday so you can have two short days to relax. Then, graduation comes and you cry at the end because you realize you spent four years of your life wishing you weren’t at school; you wish you could go back and savor every moment spent with your friends. You wish you could stop time at Gym Day when the whole school unites as one to just stop time and take it all in and remember every detail. You wish you could pause time when you are taking your physics exam and you suddenly cannot remember if the number should be positive or negative. You wish you could pause time, look up the answer, and then hit the play button to resume. You can’t. When the end of the school year comes to a close, you think, “Where did the time go. Am I already a senior?” You wish you could rewind time, go back, and experience the good moments again. You can’t. When there is drama, friendship trouble, and the awkward stages of adolescence, you wish you could hit fast forward to skip the bad times and go straight to the good times. You can’t. In conclusion, savor every moment while it is here. Everything that happens in life makes you who you are. Don’t sit and ponder on what could have been or what you wish would have happened. Instead, remember every moment and you are sure to live a happy life.

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