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Blue Eyed boy

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Squirming, whining in my arms, a little blue eyed boy looks at me trying to find something I don’t have. I put him down knowing he will scream and I never like anyone screaming especially this little boy. I do it anyway, running to the kitchen not wanting to hear him scream for me to come back, and not leave him alone. I make him a bottle of bubble formula that doesn’t smell anything like milk to me and walk back quickly. I pick up that little blue eyed boy in one swift scoop and put the bottle just in reach of his little mouth. He grabs the bottle so that he has control over it and I can’t take it away, like I usually do. So that he doesn’t get formula all over himself. When that little blue eye boy was finished with his bottle, which took a minute or two, he opened his mouth in the biggest O shaped and fell asleep, in my arms. I am just sat there thinking of all the small memories I will make with this small blue eyed baby boy.

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