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My First Born

August 2, 2010
By Defiance_14 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
Defiance_14 BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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"My greatest accomplishment is realization"

My palms were moist. Not a whole lot, but some apprehension was there. I admit it.

Eh, you’ll be fine dude. You’ll be in and out, no problems.

She pulled into the first parking garage on the left, I could tell that she didn’t know where she was going, even though I asked my girlfriend a few times before if she knew where she was going.

Yeah, I’m going to this big square brown building on ‘medical hill’, my mom said we couldn’t miss it.

It was the wrong parking garage, the wrong building all together. Looking outside I noticed there were more than five large, brown, square buildings.

If my mouth could make that sideways face, it did.

So back into the car we got. Ludacris’ music made the excitement lower a little bit. My girlfriend decided to have me drive because of traffic. So I gladly got into the drivers seat.

A quarter mile up the street on the left and a couple hundred feet walking, we found ourselves in a long gray hallway.

Radiology and Ultrasound was the destination.

Revamping my golf swing in the magazine I was reading was keeping my mind on track during the 40-minute wait

It’s either a boy or a girl.

The images were black and white on the ultrasound machine as I sat next to my girlfriend’s best friend and her mother. I swear her mother thinks I’m her long lost son.

You know, if it’s a girl, my brother is going to be on your ass because of that one saying right?

That saying said that if you ‘pop out girls, you’re a sissy’.

The ultrasound specialist had a few more tests to go; it seemed like forever until she told everyone what it was. “Well, it’s a little difficult, seeing as ‘it’ keeps moving around so much”, was her excuse for the length of the appointment.

Evan David – December twenty-first, two thousand ten.

Give that nurse hell. That’s my boy.

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We had an ultrasound appointment today, enjoy.

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