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Anna Marie and Stitch

December 15, 2010
By ama1013 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
ama1013 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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The sun is beating on my head. I put my hand on top of it and feel the smoldering lava rock. I am walking barefoot on the black twinkling road, and it’s burning the soles of my tiny feet. I was about to start complaining but I held my breath when I saw the entrance. My mom opened the pool gate. I raced through it and a cool breeze caused my hair to swoosh behind my shoulders. I jumped into the pool and it was so refreshing. It felt like an ice cold glass of ice tea. My brothers and I had the pool to ourselves so we played Marco Polo. Mr. Hosfelt, my friend’s dad came to the pool. I felt the need to impress him. What should I do? I could do a cannonball,-no that’s not original. Hundreds of ideas went through my mind, like a M16 in COD4. I was hypnotized by the conversation of my mom and Mr. Hosfelt and it suddenly came to me, a backwards flip. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I attempted to do a fancy dismount off the pool ledge and a catastrophe occurred. I saw stars. My chin smacked the edge of the pool. I quickly sped up from the water and found my blood on the pool deck. My mom was in shock but tried to stay calm. I was lifted up and carried to the car. We rushed to the Emergency Room.
My chin throbbed and stung like it was being cut by a serrated blade. It hurt tremendously and I was trying to hold back my tears. My stomach ached and it felt like all the blood was rushing to my head. I held the moist towel against my chin hoping that it would make it feel better. The car swerved into the parking lot and my mom helped me out. I stumbled feeling nauseous and attempted to run into the Emergency Room. My mom rambled on talking quickly about what happened. I sat down in one of the rickety, uncomfortable chairs and my knees started to shake. Moments later, the nurse called me in. I climbed up on this high bench and lied on my back. I crossed one leg over the other and folded my hands on top of my stomach. My chin was killing me so I tried to count from 100 backwards. My face got hot because I was so petrified. The nurse called my mom in. “She is going to need to get five stitches. If we do not do this, it will heal improperly.” My mom agreed with the nurse giving me stitches and before I knew it she started. I was so anxious. I could feel the stinging sensation of the thin needle grazing through my torn skin. There was a slight stinging but almost tickling feeling. I could feel the needle threading my soft skin. I shut my eyes tight. My head was spinning like a dreidel. The next thing I heard was a voice saying, “Alright sweetheart, you’re all set, excellent job.” I shuffle into the waiting room and find my dad sitting in one of the chairs. He approached me and said, “Are you okay?” “I guess.” I managed to get out. My mom walked into the room looking stressed, led out a massive sigh, looked at my dad and said, “Hi.” “Hi.” my dad responded. For the next few minutes, we were silent. “Alright let’s get a move on, whoever wants to come in my car, follow me.” When I got in my dad’s car, my mind was packed with thoughts and I was overwhelmed. My hands were sweating and I was so shocked of what just happened.
Even to this day I still am cautious around my pool because of this devastating time that I had to go through. Whenever I am near any pool, I stay far away from the edge and am smart enough not to do a crazy jump like I did in the past. Part of the reason I did jump backwards was because I wanted to impress my friend’s dad. I learned that sometimes people have a feeling to impress others and can lead to a painful experience. When my little cousins come over, I am very scared if they will try to do a flip or what not and then god forbid they get hurt. I act like a lifeguard now because of what I went through that day. I will always remember to think before I act and maybe things will turn out for the better.

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