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December 2, 2019
By jarthu909 BRONZE, Antelope, California
jarthu909 BRONZE, Antelope, California
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One day, my best friends and I got home from school and their mom was leaving for work. She told us “cook some spaghetti for dinner” and we said “okay”. So we went into the kitchen and got out all the stuff to make spaghetti with. Then we got out all the pots and pans. Next, we put the sauce on the stove burner to heat it up and made the meatballs and put them on the skillet. We took the sauce off and put the noodles on and we were almost done.  As I was cooking the meatballs, I noticed a bright flame around the pot of noodles and I yelled “FIRE!!!” 

I ran upstairs for some odd reason and my best friend Morgan came running upstairs with me. She pulled my shirt collar and pulled me and I went tumbling down the stairs. After that I ran back upstairs. My other best friend, Karma, was in the kitchen putting out the fire. After she put out the fire, Morgan ran downstairs and got a big glass of cold water and poured it on the burner, but the fire was already out. Unperturbed, we still ate the spaghetti. It was good, nothing was burnt. We never told our parents until two years later at Morgan’s birthday party.

At Morgan’s 13th birthday party, we went to a Chinese restaurant and we were sitting down and having a great time. Then she asked her mom, did she want to hear a story about Karma, her, and me. Karma and I were so confused and didn't know what she was going to say. She said a few years ago Karma, Jayla, me started a fire when we making spaghetti. Everyone was surprised that she ratted us out. Karma and I were mad because we knew we were never going to be able to cook again.

When the party was over, I spent the night at their house and I went to the bathroom to get ready. Then I walked out to put my stuff in my bag. I heard their mom yelling at them. Next she was yelling at all of us, and she was just mad that we didn't tell anyone because it could have escalated further than it did. When I got home from their house, my mom told us more about the dangers that could have happened. We still cook and everything is okay now, but we are more aware of our surroundings in the kitchen.

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