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The Worst Decision I Had

September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

“Are you sure, you will go to band camp instead of going to BISAC? Well, you will not able to play sports next year, so this is going to be the last sport for you in high school.” my mother’s quiet voice came from my computer’s speaker. Chewing the slight mint flavor gum and I stared at the Skype’s screen and thinking about my final decision. “Well, I already decided to go to band camp, so I will go. Also my band teacher is asking me to be a role model of my trumpet section.” I said to my mother and tried to focus on being a role model, tried to forget about my softball team even though I really love it.

The night before the band camp, I packed my stuffs up. I opened my case and the old silver trumpet appeared. I stroked cool slick trumpet. The silence in my room gave me the loneliness to my heart and suddenly, the rhythm of my heart beating went faster and I realized that I was afraid to go to band camp because I was the only one who speaks Japanese. I tried to remove what I felt and then prepared everything. I closed my trumpet case and placed it next to my bag.

Riding on the bus alone, no one was sitting next to me and I was closing my eyes. Everyone looked at me with anxious face and told me I seemed tired, but I wasn’t. I felt really bored about sitting alone and I was only looking forward to playing with many people, hoping that all students were good player. We arrived at the hotel, the smell of salt from the ocean breezed to my skin. As we arrived at the hotel, I could have the chance to hear everyone’s performance. Everyone prepared their beautiful shiny instruments and sitting quietly, looking at the teacher. My heart was beating faster again and my band teacher rose her arm up. I brought my trumpet up and put my mouthpiece to my mouth. As she put her hand down to sign us to play a note, I breathed and blow. At that time, I heard the sounds like parrot is shouting. I felt that I wanted to close my ear and go home immediately. Although we played the same note, the sounds were totally different each other and then it downed on me that this camp would not be fun and exciting at all.

The second day of band camp, all students were playing better than the first day that we played. I almost forgot about the softball game, but while I was thinking such things, the vibration from my pocket came and it was like telling me not to forget about something. I grabbed the mobile and opened the message and it announced “We got second place.” My eyes popped suddenly. For me, it was good result even though they were second and my tension became higher. There was still something in the message. I read that part happily because I thought the message would tell me even better news about the game, but it said “If you were there, then we could get first place for sure.” It stifled my heart to death. I was too shock when I read that part and I was near to tears. My heart got pierced by that sentence. I felt really sorry for them about me being absence for the game.

Finally, I learned from this that I should choose the one that I like more, even though someone forced or begged me to do something.

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