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Doubt and Dispension

November 15, 2022
By Anonymous

My Metro card gave me freedom and confidence. But today I forgot it. My empty hands sweated and my legs shook as number 230 materialized. I wasn’t willing to wait, be late or be berated at home. So I would lie. The bus pulled up, glass doors slid open. I stepped in to stand by the machine. Empty. Staring at the driver’s eyes. Cars honked and swished. My heart pounded. I began to apologize, and the driver hooked his thumb toward the back. I sat with my thankful shame. Whether by impatience, or pity, the driver helped this selfish liar.

The author's comments:

This narrative was a personal experience I felt the first time I didn't bring any payment for a bus ride. The insecurity, doubt, and general emotions that I felt are what I want to convey to my reader. 

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