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BB gun

September 3, 2009
By panco27149ko BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
panco27149ko BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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“AOH ! AOH !” I screamed out loud. This is what happened when I was playing bb gun with my friends. I can’t really see anything in the field because there are only a few light in the field. Also, we have to wear mask for safety and it kind of dark mask. At first, I am doing just fine but there is one round that I fall down while I’m running. We have 2 sides, 3 players on each side. I tried to run like a cheetah to shoot them at the back but while I’m running, my legs step on something very hard and sharp like a scissors, I fall down with my gun. I smelled the dust and grass, it was like the smoke from an old car, little rocks come into my mouth tasted like fish food. I stood up very quickly and my small hand shaking the gun to check that if there any giggling sound from the gun but there is no sound at all so, I don’t care about it and continue to run. After we finished playing we go back home immediately. But the truth after this is my nightmare!

I go back to the field on the other day and first thing I heard is “Hey! Last time who used gun number seven.” One staff shout it and looking at our group. Everyone in the group was silent and no movement at all. Right now my heart pumping so fast and I was shock because I am the one who used gun number seven. I slowly raised my hand and gently asked her “What happened?”

Her face looks very mad, her eyes looks like a devil and then she started to shout again. “What did you do to the gun, do you know that materials inside the gun was broken and I have to find it in the field and stick it together with the glue.” Her sound was like a thunder. My face getting pale and all of my friends looking at me and one of my friend said “Ko! last time I saw you fall down, is that correct?” I slowly shook my head and I stand like a pole for a while. After the staff getting a little bit calm, I decided to go and talk to her. I said gently “I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you when I fall down I thought it was fine because after I fall down the gun still works for 2 more rounds.” She looks a lot more calm than last 10 minutes, she smiled at me, “It’s okay boy”

I still felt guilty at that moment so I gave her 500 bath for fixed the gun. I’ve learned that I should care someone’s belonging like it is mine.

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