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God is Working

January 24, 2010
By bound4life4ever PLATINUM, Jamaica, New York
bound4life4ever PLATINUM, Jamaica, New York
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I just recently went to the International House of Prayer(IHOP). before i went i was a Christian... bu ti had never knew God like i eally wanted to. this article will not b one that tries 2 get you 2 change religions.. but just how much God can work if u belive.I wne to a youth conference called ONETHING. the place was aweosme nd mad ppl were jumping up nd down to the worship music nd i had never felt so happy. This took place in Kansas City,MO.. nd we live in Ny. so we were staying at my aunt and uncles house. on the way home each nite(the conference was 4 days long nd ended at 10:00pm nd started 9:00 am) . when we had to go home i wanted to stay... u felt so much ahppier just being there! on the way home( the house we were staying at) i felt happy for no reason at all!!!! i asked my aunt why this was nd she said that it is one f the wayz the holy spirit can work inside of us. We went the next day and many things hapened because of the holy spirit. We heard of one girl that was being prayed for because she had scolioses. The presencse of GOD was so powerful there that she was healed! her friend that was with her actually saw her spine curve back in to being straight again! and i saw a miricale myself... a ladies leg grew a few inches! she was unable to walk becuse one was longer than the other. in the middle of prayer she got up nd her leg had grew to the normal length! IM TELLINU GUYS... GOD WORKS IN CRAZY WAYS! so i thought i would just put this up on the website because maybe someone was doubting...but everything works together 4 gud 4 those who serve the Lord(romans 8:28).

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i wrote this for those who might be doubting Gods power. he realy can work in crazy wayz if u let him into ur heart. nd if u just belive him nd let him in general. hope u guys relize wat power he hold. live life as if HE is coming this afternoon..wat have u got to loose?! =)

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PK4evr ELITE said...
on Feb. 6 2010 at 12:17 pm
PK4evr ELITE, Allen, Texas
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