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Is Love, Love?

March 4, 2010
By NativeWriter GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
NativeWriter GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
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Love is something everyone believes,
Believe that it exists in one way, shape or form,
Even when they say it doesn't exist they can't fool what the mind says,
But what happens when the thing or person you believe you love plays tricks on you?
And you can't leave because you love to much?
You find yourself forever lost,
Lost in the ring of games with love.
I found myself in that game once and in ways still am. Never able to escape the one I fell for no atter how much I tried. Even with the ability to see the future you can never see what is definate, especially when dealing with the human complex. I thought I could but just to find that I was wrong again. I tried to escape this world of love hating games but found myself being sucked into it again. Yet worst of all going down the rabbit hole to far with no chance of escape. I did what most people don't untill they are in their late 20's or 30's, mostly. I am my age, not even out of high school yet but engaged to the one who played me for a fool many times. Now I find myself asking is the love I feel really love? Or is it just the traits of my mother and other family members talking? I hope to the Great Spirits it isn't. I fought my whole life to escape the games and now I am stuck in the middle of it all and tied down at a young age. The being tied down is just like the old days of California before the white man came back when love wasn't as false as it is now, and the days when young love was a gift. But still I ask is this love really love or just another game? If anyone can hear me now please help me to find out what my heart fears.

The author's comments:
Trust in thy heart but not to neglect thy mind.

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