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March 25, 2010
By BrendaBand SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
BrendaBand SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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"Time isn't wasted, when you're getting wasted"

Just stop and smell the rose’s mom. Oh wait, the only thing you smell is your breath that reeks of stale alcohol. I don't think you understood that when I asked if you were drunk, it wasn't really a question more as it was a statement instead. I’m not dumb. You chose alcohol over your children, so ill choose my brothers over you. That’s how the game is played. One hand washes the other right? Wrong, because I was the one washing your hand while you were shoving mine in mud. You’re the reason I’m as responsible as I am today and I thank you because of that. I never had time to be cocky. When I think back though and realize those were the only days I had to go and have fun, I regret not letting your secret slip in front of dad earlier. I’m happier here, it’s like I’m that 8 year old kid catching up with time. It sucks that you only call me to complain about Nancy. But it’s also good because I hear your sober voice and wonder what it would be like if I were still in your care. Or in other words, if you were still in my care. Would you still hide those Captain Morgan’s in the closet? Or the Parrot Bays behind the ice cream in the freezer? Come on, you couldn't think of any other hiding spot? But whatever, you can spend time with your loser ass alcoholic boyfriend and puke every morning from the hangovers you get because in the end you always lose. And I and my brothers will always win. It was nice having a life with you Mom, and I’m sorry we never got those mother-daughter moments, but it’s time for me to move on.

The author's comments:
This was about my mom and her alcohol issues

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