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Where do you feel at home?

April 1, 2010
By irighetti BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
irighetti BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
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Where do you feel at home? The next closest home (other than my house) would be Cape May New Jersey. I’m usually there in the fall, but I don’t mind. Walking on the beach with a cool autumn breeze by your side, while listening to the thunderous roar of the ocean crashing against the shore is what I would love to experience daily. The sand isn’t too soft to walk on, making it perfect to see everyone’s footprints from the past special moments. If you keep walking up the boardwalk, the sweet and succulent smell of freshly made fudge comes wafting past you in a welcoming manner. As soon as you enter the shop, delectable smells rush past your nose as if they were in a race to convince you to buy them. Just a few stores down is the penny arcade. The sounds of skee-ball, penny slots, and arcade games overwhelm your senses so you can’t deny walking in. The lights are bright and inviting, and they lead the way to the prize booth, where hundreds of knick-knacks and items are just awaiting your choice. In the distance, I see my hotel room that we always have; down the road is Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. The hotel looks small, but quiet and relaxing. The luminous white paint shines vividly, as if it were freshly painted. The pool is empty, but the light blue color reflects onto the patios, making the red bricking feel less harsh and cold. The mini-golf course looks like a nice, soft, green carpet that would be fantastic to roll on. Everything is still, other than the few visitors entering or exiting their room.

The author's comments:
As an in class assignment, we were asked to think about a place that we could classify as our second home.

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