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?Just Call Me kLuTZ ?

May 4, 2010
By NeverFallTooHard PLATINUM, Hartford, Wisconsin
NeverFallTooHard PLATINUM, Hartford, Wisconsin
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First Thing you should knwo about our school:

A). We are natural Klutzes

B). We can be... blonde.... at some points in time (No offense to blondes like me)

C). We're.......Different

Science Class is one of the funnest classes we have. It's technically Chemistry, but I think they're about the same thing.

Incident 1:

My Teacher lets us wash out all the beakers and test tubes after class, and likes to joke about how uncordinated we are. "Can't you just see someone carrying a beaker right from the sink, dropping it *Funny fake beaker crashj sound) 'Sorry'?" He asked. We all laughed because we knew that was exactly what we would do, given the opprotunity.

So guess what happens? Five seconds later, my neighboor (AKA ex-Boyfriend and former best guy-friend) walk over from the sink, drops the beaker, it shatters on the ground and he says, "Whoops..sorry..." And the rest of us just bursted out laughing untill we cried. (No one got hurt in the telling of this funny story)

Another incident, occuring about a day ago, including me and my friends:

Okay, so I'll make it simple: When you put Citric Acid with NAOH, you get a pink solution. We did that lesson during class yeterday. I went to go and clean up my partner and I's supplies. I took our left-over NAOH and went to put it in with the NOAH and the same thing with Citric Acid.

So, I got to the counter and accidently poured the NAOH into the Citric Acid. It turened a dark, almost hot pink. Ooops.

My Best Guy Friend was watching me. His mouth hung open and he tried to hold back a smile. it didn't work. he let out a snicker. "Did you just..." he said, but I cut him off saying "Please don't tell," but it was too late. Behind him was my teacher. His eyes bugged out of his head, mouth dropped open, and gave me that, "Please tell me you didn't just do that..." Sort of look.

He then sighed a deep sigh and rubbed his temples. He rolled his year in a 'where did I go wrong?' form and sighed again.

It seems that alot of teacher do that to me this year. My homeroom teacher after i asked her to call home and bring me a pair of pants. She asked why. I said I split my pants playing four square. It was so bad, you could see the rip. At first she laughed as if it were a joke. She then sighed, patted me on the back and said, "Yes, go and call your mother."

She did the same thing, but added, "What are we going to do with you?" After i dropped my only shirt (That I had at school) into the toielt while changing after pictures.

There'll be more where that came from, unfortuantly for me. Hope you had a laugh or two. I know I did.

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