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Losing Something Special

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

In 1993 I was born. I was in Amarillo, Texas. Most of my friends were Asians. When I was in elementary, I was dumb as a joke. I didn’t know anything. When I got to middle school it was cool. I had cool friends. I knew most people. I had a girlfriend that I really liked. I was still dumb, but I knew a lot more. I went to parties and dances and I had fun. I was stuck up and selfish. The worst part was that, I didn’t realize it. At the end of the year, we all brought water balloons and shaving cream. We had a shaving cream and water balloon fight. Cops surrounded the area just in case there was any fights. The lady that lived in front of the school, let us use her yard and water hose. She was the only one that understood how much fun it was. I was looking for my girl friend to say bye. I knew it was going to be hard to see her during the summer, because I was going to go see my grandmother in the valley. I couldn’t find her. Then, my mom arrived and I had to leave without seeing her. I felt a knot in my throat. I felt disappointed. As I got in the car we were headed to the Interstate twenty-seven. That’s the route we always took. It was a twelve hour drive, but I didn’t mind. I was used to it. On the way, I saw some really interesting things in San Antonio, Texas that I have see before, but I never paid attention to. It was awesome. When we arrived, it was late. It was three in the morning. We were tired. I still could not sleep. When morning came, we got ready. Usually we have a party because we are the only part of our family to live so far away. The next day we went to South Padre Island. A really cool island in the Gulf of Mexico. The beach there is awesome. We had a nice time. The following day, my mom and my sister drove back to Amarillo. A couple of weeks passed and my uncle didn’t come home that day. I my aunt was worried, since he had just got out of prison a month ago. He was always in and out of the slammer. When my aunt came home the next day from work, she told us that he was arrested the day before for some dumb reason that is to embarrassing to express. In that town, you could find someone dead in the hills of El Souse, or on the streets if you were involved with drugs or the biggest gang in Mexico called the Setas. We just tended to stay away from those kind of people. I had a really good time there. I knew I had been there before but I didn't think it was fun. I used to think, how could my cousins live here. Its so dirty and dangerous. a few days before my mom was driving to come get me, I realized that I would like to live here. All of my family was here and I could stay away from my sister, who would make my life miserable. I hated my sister for it. I couldn’t stand being with her. When I thought that thought, I didn’t realize what I was giving up. My friends and my girlfriend. People I actually cared about. when my mom arrived, I waited to ask her. The next day, my mom was talking to my aunt, so I took that chance to ask her in front of my aunt. I was afraid to ask, but I did anyway. They both agreed to it but I had to give my aunt half of the money my mom sent me. The next day my mom and my sister left again. I was confused. I didn’t know what I was doing. A week later, I received a call from my sister. I answered. I ask her who was she with. She told me she was with my girlfriend and her friend. A few minutes into the conversation, she passed the phone to my girlfriend's friend. She had asked me if me and my girlfriend were going to break up since I moved. I was going to ask her to let me talk to her myself. I was disappointed, but I understood why. I told her that I didn’t know, but then I realized that it would not work like, so I answered with a yes. The conversation ended. I hesitated to hang up, but she beat me to it. My eyes watered. I couldn’t believe what I had done. A few weeks later, school started. I didn’t know anyone except my cousin, so I joined football. I made friends. I was smarter. I was good at football that they made me play for both, A and B teams. I loved it. We were the rattlers. We won district champs on both teams. In the winter, I joined basketball. That was fun too, but I enjoyed football more. My mom was already living down here. We moved out of my grandma's house and moved to my great grandfather's house. In the eighth grade, we moved to Odessa to stay with her friend. We were running away from my uncle. He threatened to kill us. From a look at his past, he was very capable of so. My mother blamed me for the position we were in because I was the one that "dragged her down there." A few months living in Odessa, Texas, we received a call from my grandmother that lives in Rio Grande City that my uncle was back in jail. So at the end of the year, we packed our bags as it was a chance to get ourselves settled before he could get out. It was ninth grade and it was the end of summer, and we arrived. My aunt gave my mom a job. It wasn’t much, but it was money. My sister couldn’t get a job. She would get frustrated. We got off in a bad start. I liked to go to school. I got to see all my friends. Then my uncle was released. It was ok for a while, then he started to go do things that he was not supposed to do. Within two months, had a discussion on what we should do. This job wasn’t supporting all of us. My grandmother was asking my mom for money that she didn’t have. If it was twenty dollars, it was not enough for her. we all decided to move back to Amarillo. My mom could work in the Tyson meat plant. We could get paid more. She had experience. My sister could work anywhere they they would hire her. The next day, we packed again. My mom was the person that would decide to move one day and leave the next. In a few days I was in school. I was registered and an office aid took me to my first period class. The first person I saw when I opened the door, was my exgirlfriend. I was shocked. I was surprised. By the end of the day, I figured out that she was in most of my classes. I got to see most of my friends. But when I saw her with a friend of mine, it brought me down. I was still disappointed, But I got over it. I kept trying to talk to her, but she would blow me off. I couldn’t believe it. Then, I gave up I knew it would never happen. Now I regret moving. But I found a place where I was happy. It won’t make me regret going out her. How could I, she made me happy too. It won’t make me change the feelings that I had for her. And now. Its all changed. Not everyone talks to me. We all don’t hang out like we use to. I want to move back to Rio Grande City, Texas. Its the place that I go without having to worry about were to stay, since my mom wants to move to Odessa, Texas again. She knows I don’t like it there so she doesn’t argue with me. You don’t know what u have until its gone. Sometimes you are not the one to let it go, but its its already gone. When its gone, it doesn’t come back.

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