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Night of My Life

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

As we drove down the curvy road on that dark cold night I look out the fogged up window and watch the trees go by. I haven't ever remembered seeing the trees move so fast, it is starting to make me feel sick. I can't see anything. Everything turns black and all I hear is the sound of terrifying gravel and Chris yell slow down.

The night started out with my boyfriend Roger begging me to go to one of his older friends eighteenth birthday parties. I told him that I did not want to go by myself so he told me to invite a friend or two. So I invited my friends Ashley and Tawney. Ashley ended up having to go to her sister's wedding the next morning and couldn't go. Tawney told her dad that we would be staying at my house all night watching movies. My sister Annie and her boyfriend Chris were also going to go with us. So our Friday night started out like any other would. we get out of school and my dad picks us up. My Annie, Tawney and me get to my house and ask my dad if we could go to the “movies with Roger.” My dad being a total push over said yes. Big mistake.

So as the tornado goes through my room throwing clothes everywhere.( what can I say were girls) We get ready to leave about 5:00p.m. We get picked up by Roger's older sister Amber and head to the party. What can I say a party is a party. Dumb people drinking and smoking and doing the just to be rebellious. I'm not really the type who falls into peer-pressure. But I usually still go to parties to watch all the stupid people act funny. It use to be funny. Plus drinking makes me sick to my stomach. But the night continues to go one and Annie, Tawney, and me continue to get bored, plus we had a 10:00p.m. curfew. So as we all gather up we get ready to go. Roger told us that he had a ride set up with someone who hadn't been drinking that night. And so we pile in the car. Roger had one of his older sister's friends take us home. Her name was Ashley. Tawney sat up front, me behind her, Annie in the middle and Chris beside her. Then off we go. As we drove down the curvy road that cold dark night I looked out the fogged up window and watch the trees go by. I haven't ever remembered seeing the trees move so fast, its starting to make me feel sick. I can't see anything. Everything turns black and all I hear is the terrifying sounds of gravel and Chris yell slow down.

When I woke up there was only three of the four of us in the car. I look to the left and see my older sister laying there like a limp noodle. She looked as if she was asleep. I felt so sick. Suddenly I see movement outside of the car. Its Chris walking around outside of the car. How he gotten outside of the beaten up two door Honda Civic I will never know. Guessing that he had crawled out of the driver's side window. Which seemed totally impossible. He sees me and tells me to come closer to the window so he can help me out. I climb over my sister and he pulls me out carefully. I stumble over the broken fence that we knocked down and made my way to the side of the road and collapsed. I hear Annie now and feel a terrible pain in my left side. It has never felt like a 500 pound man had just hit me in my side before. My sister then kicks me in my foot which triggered the pain even more. She softly says “Katie stay awake help is on the way. Don't fall asleep.” She is a little to my right on the road also laying on the road with Chris. She is the only one besides me that he could help out of the car. The others were stuck.

“Ouch” They kicked me again. Then reminded me that it would be best if i didn't fall asleep. I try to keep my eyes on something to concentrate on staying awake. I can see the car. It is head on with what seems to be the biggest tree I have ever seen before. I hear screams. It was Ashley screaming and Tawney crying. Ashley was screaming “Help me, get me out of here.” She was starting to give me a headache. There was a strange woman and man there now. I'm guessing there to help us because they kept asking me if I was okay. “Well of course I'm not “ I wanted to say. But I didn't even have the energy to waste. But they were nice people I guess. I mean they stopped to see if we were okay. Plus the nicely plump man came over to me and set is jacked across me. Even though it wasn't a very warm jacket it was the thought that counts. A firetruck pulled up and leaves me wondering why it wasn't an ambulance. But then I remembered that Tawney and Ashley were stuck. Which later I found out that they only had a short amount to get them out because the car was leaking gas.

Shortly after the firetruck pulled up the ambulance pulled in. They rushed over to me and set me on the stretcher. They were not very careful of my pain I assumed. Because they were throwing me all over the place. I have never felt so weak before. I don't even think that I could have picked up a single feather. They load me onto the ambulance. They started sticking me with all sorts of wires and strings. It didn't even hurt when they put the I.V. in. I'm guessing because my side was throbing. I lay there wondering if the is really happening. I mean it felt real but I just couldn't stop thinking to myself “ How could a thing like this happen to me?” They were loading someone else on now. I can't see them because they have already put one of those stupid neck braces on me and I couldn't move. But when they stuck her I.V. in and she started crying like a little baby I knew it was Tawney. I feel the vehicle start to move and I drifted away again.

The next time I opened my eyes all I can see is the ugly blank white walls that are in hospitals and just a bunch of people who look like ants fighting over a piece of a popcorn on the sidewalk on a hot summer day. I wasn't familiar with anyone around me and that frightened me. Then here comes the questions. “ Do you know your name, Do you know anyway that we can get a hold of your parents?” All I know was that I was in major pain and can only answer one question at a time. If they would have even given me a chance too. I just keep wanting to wake up. I mean I knew that I was asleep. I was at home in my big bed having the worst nightmare of my life. But I give them my dads cell and the house phone number. Then the big bell in my little head started ringing. I am in so much trouble. Then one of the ladies comes back and tells me that I gave her the wrong number and they can't get a hold of my dad. So I repeat the same number( or at least I think I did) and she was on her way again. I close my eyes tightly to see if I reopen them I would be somewhere else. But thats not exactly what I got.

I am now looking at my Parents. And It has to be bad if my mom drove all the way down from Oklahoma. I mean it had to be about 2:30a.m. by now. They notice that I am awake by the sounds of me busting out in tears screaming “I'm sorry I'm sorry I won't ever do it again.” My mom finally gets me to calm down an begins to try to tell me to get some rest. She then informs me that I was in the Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital. I ask her “where is Annie, is she okay?” She informs me that because she was 16years old that she had to go to a different hospital than me and was now at home. She told me that Annie had a cracked tail-bone and some bruising. Me on the other hand I ended up with four broken ribs, an irrupted spleen and internal bleeding.

That night had to be the worst night of my life. So far at least, not only did I get hurt but I had to go a month with my dad looking at me in such disappointment and that is what hurt me the most. Well except for me being in physical pain that is. But after that I had a lot of time to change and to earn my dads trust back. But let me tell you that is wasn't easy.

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