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The magic in today

March 28, 2011
By Youdontknowme. GOLD, New Delhi, Other
Youdontknowme. GOLD, New Delhi, Other
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Love is not love which alters when its alteration finds,Or bends with the remover to remove: it is an ever-fixed mark.

Today I heard one of my teachers saying " There is this misconception about time. We all think that tomorrow we're going to do better, like tomorrow it's all going to be fine. But tomorrow is not even half as true as today." And it got me thinking. I mean tomorrow has 24 hours just like today. Tomorrow we're going to be the same in most ways. And tomorrow we'll still think that the day after tomorrow will bring us something more, just like today. There is nothing wrong with hope, but that shouldn't stop us from doing what has to be done today. Sure the persistent faith in tomorrow keeps one going, but it shouldn't stop us from realizing that what we have today isn't all that awful in fact these are the things that we'll miss when we reach destination 'better.'
The echoes of the silent launghters and cries and undying passion and love and the safety of having someone who loves you just because.
Right now all we teenagers do is mess up. Hurt people around us. Disobey. Act selfish. But everyone has at least that one person who cares anyway.
Yeah, tomorrow's going to be better, we'll know what we're doing, where we're going, we'll know who to be, basically become the best possible versions of ourselves. I don't know about you but me? I'm not sure if that's the best thing. I'd rather act like a complete jacka** and feel the strength that I feel today, that comes from the simple fact of knowing unconditional love.
So, what we have today might not be as clear as we would like but it's definitely more pure than it's ever going to be. And, the friends that you have right now, they're the people who've known you when you were really truly yourself and the feeling you get when you look at them from across the hallway, the comfort of coming back to right where you belong, to home, that's the best feeling in this god damn world.
So stop thinking about tomorrow and how's it's going to be magical. Instead, open your eyes to the magic that makes your world today. Just open yourself to the possibility, that slight chance, that today something as small as fighting over a chocopie could really be it. And we may not have this chance tomorrow. So fight over it and make fun of each other and laugh like retards or do whatever in the world that you wish to .Because this joy, you can only find in today, never in tomorrow.

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