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September 5, 2013
By MyNameIsCookiePie BRONZE, Batesville, Indiana
MyNameIsCookiePie BRONZE, Batesville, Indiana
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"You would have to take me for who I am"
~Harry Edward Styles

Slowly climbing up the 13ft. hill, looking down then quickly looking back up and just waiting to descend about 13ft. downhill. Roller coasters everywhere when you look at the Amusement Park grounds looking to your left or right. People cheering, whooping even. Then you slowly start to go down then, WHOOSH, Your flying threw The Beast’s tracks at Kings Island with your older Sister.
It was a BLAST. The smell of the air was a gassy smell of the roller coaster’s engine. It was also filled with the smell of the foods, the Subway booths, chicken, ham, cheeses, and a few funnel cake booths. The coke was just, well, coke. The ground was really sticky where we sat, and some where just all sorts of nasty. The bathroom smells, the vomit smells, it was REALLY nasty.

When my older sister rode ‘The Vortex’, I stayed by the gate and waited for her, I really don’t like roller coasters that much. We went to the kids place next because we rode all of the rides in the original place. We went to all of the other rides over there except for all of the little kids stuff. We also went to the water park in the amusement park. Felishia said that we had to meet mom in the parking lot in half an hour so I could do whatever I wanted to for half an hour.

When I got back to the place we where supposed to meet my mother she wasn’t there. I thought to myself ‘where was she’? I walked around the parking lot until I finally found her on the other side of the parking lot. Before I got into the car, I felt around my jeans for my phone. I said that I must have left my phone in the fairgrounds. My older sister said that she would drive me home if I found my phone in like 2 hours maximum. I found it in like an hour and a half. It was in the lost in found. We left the fairgrounds then went home.

The End.

The author's comments:
this is a piece I had written for a school paper

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