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Letter to the Heartbroken

November 15, 2013
By chasing_fantasies_ GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
chasing_fantasies_ GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
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Dear Heartbroken,
Two years of being single has really taken a toll on my life. I thought I was ready for a relationship, thought I wanted one. But after two years, almost three, I have realized that I am not prepared.
And I'm sorry. I did not mean to make you upset. I felt like our relationship was too serious, too fast. I wasn't mentally prepared or capable of managing it.
I never meant to cause my own regret in the process, either. But I had to tell you now, and end it now, or I would have hurt you more. I'm so sorry. You wouldn't have been able to handle me much longer anyway.
I know this sounds stereotypical, but my "liking" you felt forced. I didn't need relationship so much that I almost didn't want it. I thought I did, but now I realize that I don't. And I'm sorry.
I hope you'll forget what I've done.
Love, Heart-breaker

The author's comments:
Not to sound "It's not you, It's me"-y.....

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