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Pretty Pink Bike

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

One hot summer day I was sitting on my porch with yellow daisy dukes, a yellow Tweety Bird shirt, and flip-flops to match. My hair was in two pigtails. I was dripping Popsicle all over the ground.

My daddy pulled up in my uncle’s big black truck. He came out with a pretty purple outfit short set and the matching flip-flops.
“ Oh, that’s it,” I said hoping that some other accessory would come out with that outfit.
Then my uncle came out with a PRETTY PINK BIKE. He must have spotted me staring at the PRETTY PINK BIKE and he shouted out,
“ Ay, this isn’t for you,”
So I got mad and stormed off before he could say anything else.
I was talking to my best friend Kierra.
“ What’s wrong with you,” Kierra said very frantic on her pretty purple bike.
“You have a pretty purple bike and I don’t,” I said. Feeling jealous.
“Well, ask your daddy to buy you one,” Kierra said, as she peddled one more time.
“He walked in the house with one but my uncle said it wasn’t for me,” I said very loud and idiotic.
“Well, maybe he was just kidding. That’s what my daddy did to me when he got me my own purple bike,” said Kierra very confused.
“Well, I’m going to ask him,” I said running off without even saying goodbye.

Meanwhile, my dad and uncle were in the house laughing at my reaction towards the bike. So, I walked up and said,
“Daddy, is that bike mine or what, because I don’t have time to play with you,” I said very shocked and serious.
“Yeah, it’s yours. Your uncle was just playing”, he said jokingly.

I grabbed the bike and ran outside to try and ride it, but I couldn’t, because I didn’t know how.
“Daddy how can you give me a bike when I have no skills to ride it?” I said very sarcastically.
“I thought you knew how to ride the bike,” my daddy said laughing and joking around.

“No, you have to teach me how to ride a bike!” I said starting to whimper and cry.

As I tried and tried I kept falling and it got very late. My daddy said we had to go in the house. My dad put the bike in the hallway as I was going to sleep. After my dad went to sleep, I woke up and started riding the bike down the hallway. I woke up my dad and told him I’d finally learned to ride the bike without his help!

The author's comments:
This is a very important peice to me so i hope people who might have the chance to read it like it.

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