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First Fine Days

January 13, 2017
By legitannah GOLD, Akron, Ohio
legitannah GOLD, Akron, Ohio
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Ce n'etait qu'un renard semblable 'a cent mille autres. Maus j'en ai fait mon ami, et il est maintenant unique au monde.- Antoine Saint-Exupery

Sulfur in the air, wind in my hair

so many things started here...

where I first remember feeling true Love 

in my salvation

Saved in broken places, from the start.

Our clothes would tear as we climbed those fences,

enclosed tiny backyard spaces - dogs were then my friend

Little playgrouds from start to end...

That house down the street was a classified wreck -the police came and went - Our teen aquaintances payed compliments & time in juevy -first crush was a total doozy -I probs only liked them for the Bball, 8 years older than me & a total "aw nah". Sis born in that yellow house. @ night sometimes all was quiet like a mouse,

other nights shots were fired -oops- but all the danger seemed expired, when I'd look over that lake, shining with lights at night -a homecoming to me, so bright. & so we learned to ride our bikes on that tiny strip of a street, trash littered the place, but I only worried about scraping my knees... I'd yet to realize the heftiness of things. Lady was taken away & house was busted down the street. Still everything I mostly remember was fine for me. At nights, I'd hide under a chair & sneak down to watch the fights with a stare -No doubt I recieved many a glare, daddy was still a superhero back then, T-mac on the speakers, with beans in my bowl, contentment was the feeling that those days I'd hold, no doubt nerves too, but the spunk hadn't been squashed down yet... let's just say I colored & I played... 

   In those, my first fine days 

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