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Following Your True Passion

March 20, 2017
By Travelergirl DIAMOND, Central, Utah
Travelergirl DIAMOND, Central, Utah
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You are stuck in between two activities you want to do. One will make you popular and cute while the other could help you achieve your dreams one day. You have to choose to do only one, but if you choose one you will never be able to do the other one ever again. That is a lot of stress to put on a person. I hd to do this. I had to choose between cheer and voice. I loved both, but each for a different reason. I loved cheer because of all the trips we took, and also how close i had became to all the girls on the team. I knew that if i didn't do cheer again I would lose that connection. I loved voice though and music was my true passion in life. I had always dreamed of taking voice lessons since i was 3 years old. I was tied. I needed the friendship with people because at the moment me and my family had been through some tough times and my friends were slowly leaving me, but should I give up my dreams for friends. At first i thought that yes, it was worth it. I grabbed the cheer sign up sheet and filled out the permission slip. I thought that i would feel happy about my choice, but instead i felt hallow.... like i had given up apart of me. I tried to ignore it over spring break, but it would not leave me alone. I tried everything to get that nasty feeling to go away. I even tried to convince myself that cheer was my true calling in life, but no matter what i did i still felt lost. I decided to go and throw away the cheer packet. I was going to follow my true passion. I was going to do vioce lessons. I know that I won't as many friends as i did when I was doing cheer, but that didn't matter. I realized that all you need in life is a few close friends and a family. You also needed to support your dream in life. Follow your dreams people. Even if you will lose something keep following those dreams and sometime in your life you will succeed and be happy.

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