February 19, 2019
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Football originally, was said to have been played in Egypt, in 2500 B.C. Then the first real football match recorded in history took place in China, but “football” that time in China was known as Tsu-Chu. In this sport there was a leather ball, which was tied by the use of  feathers, and the players( who were mainly soldiers) had to kick it into the net. Then later around 500-600 A.D. Skemari, a Japanese version of football was created, but it was not as competitive as its Chinese counterpart. Other versions of this sport was also created, for example in Rome Harpastum, and in Greece Episkyros, but in these sports the use of hands was allowed. Then later in England, around the 9th century football got more cleaned up, and proper rules were formed due to the formation of the FA(Football Association), then in 1869 the FA banned the use of hands.


Football, became extremely famous in Britain. With the first England vs Scotland game being held in 1872. Then in 1888 the first professional league ever was founded, in England. A short while after that the FA spread to New Zealand, South America, and certain European countries.

Around 1886, IFAB(International Football Association) was formed, which was in charge of creating the rules for international football, and regulating them. IFAB, was the organization that introduced penalties, free kicks, referees, and corner kicks. IFAB has re-written its laws multiple times, in 1938,1997, and 2017. Between 1800-1900 football evolved a lot, football clubs only took “professional” players, and then they were given a contract, which bound them to the club for a certain amount of time, with a certain  amount of pay.


Fifa is the overseer of professional matches played world wide. It currently is the organization responsible for organizing major tournaments, for example the men’s world cup founded in 1930, and the women’s world cup founded in 1991. Currently FIFA’s membership only goes out to european countries, with a few exceptions like South Africa, Argentina, and the United States of America.


Football today, is being played in more than 200 countries, by more than 250 million players. Modern day football has also made great technological advancements, for example  VAR(video assistant referee), and goal line technology. It has also united people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, hence it is called the beautiful game. Football also has expanded throughout many war-torn countries, which has helped them come together, many foreign aid workers find it as means of communication.

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This article, talks about football at different stages, from the origins, to 21st century football. I feel people who are enthusastic about sports will really enjoy my article, as my article portrays the world of football, at its different times, I feel football buffs especially will cherish this article.

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