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My Friendship Through Football

October 13, 2019
By bradyhe30 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
bradyhe30 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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The game was over, we had won.  In our most hard-fought game against our rival, Saline, we had played amazing and came out with a victory.  The joy on everyone's faces were incredible, the coaches, players, and fans, it was awesome. We hugged and congratulated each other on the sideline, then shook hands with the opposing team and sprinted to our home stands and sung the fight song.  Our coaches talked to us then we went and rung the bell, everyone was so happy and the only way we could have done it was the way we did, together.

I went into the season as the starting JV quarterback, which was an exciting thing for me.  I enjoyed having the ball in my hands every play, feeling like I was in control of it all. Nothing compared to a run I had against Saline.  It was late in the game, we were down by a touchdown, the play was called and it was a play for me. I gathered the snap and burst through the hole.  There was a huge pileup in the hole, so I followed my natural instincts and spun out of the hole, as I look before me I see nothing but that nice green grass at the field.  Once the crowd sees what’s happening, they burst into a roar. It was thrilling for me and my teammates. I looked around and noticed everything, the home crowd cheering, and the other teams sidelines looking a lot less confident than they previously were.  There was the damp, green grass all around me, and all the players were surrounding me as well. There was everyone on our sideline, coaches and players alike, smiling and just having a great time playing the game and being together.  

Some weeks later, our JV game against Ann Arbor Skyline got cancelled, this meant that I would get my first chance to get playing time on Varsity.  I was beyond excited, Skyline was a team that we were supposed to be a lot better then, so I was really hoping and looking for a lot of plays. Plus, my Grandparents were in from Florida so I wanted to be able to play in front of them.  On the bus ride up there, I was giddy. I was seated next to my best friend Luke. Luke had been on varsity all season. He is shorter than I am, blonde, and a really great person to have as a friend. He is kind and always willing to hang out and talk.  He is all about sports just like me so it is no surprise that we became great friends quickly. But soon we were off the bus and getting ready for the game. We got dressed then went to the field. It was a much closer game than expected, so it took me longer than anticipated to enter the game.  But it did happen, in the fourth quarter, I went in on defense at safety. On the first play, I got my chance, it was a designed quarterback run. The quarterback held the ball and ran past the defensive line and was running towards me, as I was running towards him. I remembered everything I needed from practice and I wrapped him up and tackled him.  I got up quick and although I was excited, I knew that I had to keep playing so I got up nonchalantly. Once I got to the sideline following their possession, the first one to greet me was Luke, he was truly excited that I was able to make a play so quickly. Others talked to me and congratulated me and that all made me more excited. My teammates were so encouraging and helpful that night that all throughout I was never nervous even for it being my first varsity game.

After the regular season was over, which meant the JV season had ended, all of the players were on varsity for the remainder of the season for playoffs.  I was put on the kickoff and punt teams, which I was excited for. But through all the great times I had that season, my first varsity experience, playing in the playoffs, and earning my varsity letter.  Some of my favorite experiences were on the sidelines with my friends and times at practice. I had been on the varsity sidelines since week 3 helping the coach with things for the games, I enjoyed being apart of the experience of the game and being able to talk to all of the guys and make some meaningful acquaintanceships.  I enjoyed talking to the upperclassmen at practices, they were some really great guys that I would not have had relationships with had I not been able to be with them everyday through football. Upperclassmen were not the only ones of which football had strengthened friendships with, I feel that everyone who is apart of a team, especially football, where they are all working for the same thing and working very hard, has a different type of bond that cannot be learned any other way.  I am thankful for everything the sport of football has brought me and mostly the relationships it has grown and strengthened for me.

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I love sports but I never had really thought about how much of an impact it had on me overall until this piece.

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