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Great Achievement

October 12, 2020
By Anonymous

Pakistan has established a record by winning T-20 cricket series consecutively it’s great honored to people of Pakistan , it’s said that cricket start at 17th century and internationally established during  18th and  19th century after then established a international cricket council know makes rules and regulation for players and tournament conduct different sort of tournament like test match, one day match  and now in 2003 established a new short format cricket like a T20 all countries teams are bound to play tournament and one day mega event of  world cup held every five year, winner of this tournament keep championship title  for the next five year and T20 world cup held every three year , Test cricket plays between two teams sometime it plays only test match and sometime it team include both format of cricket in a tour it depends on board of the teams,

It’s the best way of come closer of countries people through this game specially when two traditional team in front of each other like Pakistan v/s India and England v/s South Africa match ticket are more expensive then other matches, not only team visit other country for playing matched people get there for watching match it develops a coordination between two different countries of people ,they get enjoying during watching live match and favorite players. Specially T20 tournament because it finish at 3 to 4 hour game also it start at evening time and end before mid night, Pakistan has established a record BY winning T20 cricket series consecutively Pakistani domestic cricket structure played great role because Pakistan players plays a lot of short format game before selecting in international team locally most of the game only in held at only 12 over game that’s why players have to play a hard hitting game so they mentally have trained and ready for short format game they give debu in the T20 match perform very well for their team, another negative side of this game is specially test matches after playing five days result of the announce I think it’s wastage of time that’s why during test match we can see few spectator in the ground, secondly one day match eight to nine hours spectator are involved in the watching the match while religious prayer skip.

In my Point of view cricket is the 2nd most popular sports in the world 2-3 billion fans of cricket, Since 1975 cricket world cup tournament is organizing twelve world cup has been hold first two world has won West Indies, five has won Australia, India has won two and Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England have each won once, secondly T20 World cup was started at 2007 till then six world cup has been hold T20 World cup most successful team who has won two times T20 World cup West Indies, India, Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka have each won once.

it’s said that England is the founder of this sports, cricket start at 17th century and internationally established during 18th and 19th century. Internationally officially registered tournament played in 1975 where invited all international registered team.

Sports have enormous importance of human life just because of fitness and freshness and so many other benefits of life that’s why people searching and creating different sort of ways where they can enjoy and get happiness through sports

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A delightful moment for the team

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