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Victory MAG

By Anonymous

Take every emotion
Anger, Frustration, Pain
Take every experience
Failure, Rejection, Disappointment
Bottle it up
Till you’re ready to burst like a powder keg
Then it’ll happen,
Your mind goes dark and empty
Like nighttime in the desert.
You don’t know why you’re doing it,
But you’re doing it to the best of your abilities.
You run, hit, tackle
You don’t feel a thing
But you know the other team’s
Feeling every little bit of it.
Like a hungry wolf gorging itself
You don’t want to,
You need to.
When it’s over
And you’re standing over your opponent
Like a victorious warrior
You feel eerily satisfied.
This is why you spend your summers
In the blistering heat,
Why you make your winter home the weight room
All this to feel like a god
All this to gain victory.

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