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I Don't Need Organized Sports for Self-Improvement MAG

By Anonymous

   I don't play a team sport because I don't enjoy the mandatory practices and I don'tenjoy the stressful competition. I do, however, love to improve physically byexercising. I love to jog and do what everyone calls "boxingexercises," which consist of sit-ups, push-ups, crunches and jumping rope. Ilove to compete with myself instead of other people. When I jog, I can feel mylegs pounding against the soles of my shoes and the stress on my muscles. I amengulfed by the idea of improving my stamina and appearance. I can feel thestress on my joints as they hold up my weight. When I jog, my legs are no longermine, they are the powerful legs of a stampeding ox. I love the hard breathingpattern I try to hold the whole time, and the feeling of my heart smashingagainst my chest. These thoughts and sensations make me feel like a machine thatcan continue forever and not get tired, even though I do. Not even the sun orweather can keep me from carrying myself to the next step. The noticeableimprovement in my body is my motivation. I am proud of my determination andpersistence. I'm a self-supporting factory pumping out adrenaline and sweat. Theresults of my daily routine are promising and achievable with effort,determination, commitment and hard work. In all, it's definitely worth thegrueling exercising.

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