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Title Ix - Equality Between The Sexes In Athletics MAG

By Anonymous

   Title IXEquality between the sexes in athletics.

by Emily S., Newcomerstown, OHWomen truly deserve equal opportunities in sports for a hundred reasons. There can never be a justification for discriminatory practices in educational institutions - never! Despite Title IX legislation (now 25 years old), a great deal of inequality and injustice remains in girls' athletics. Title IX was designed to ensure that girls would not be discriminated against due to their gender. Today, many educators and administrators hold tightly to old-fashioned ways and mores which promote discrimination between the sexes. Girls in school systems governed by such individuals take a back seat to their male classmates. This is totally unfair. We are living in the 1990s. Women's lib should be a thing of the past because equality between the sexes should be assumed. Nonetheless, there are many pig-headed, bigoted, self-fulfilling individuals who call the shots when it comes to athletics in school. We need to examine Title IX legislation and what it was meant to do. Boys and girls are equal under this law and should be treated as such by school systems, We, as citizens, need to reexamine this issue and focus our efforts so that all school systems play by the rules. Equality for boys and girls athletics is not an option, it is the LAW!

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