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Pressures Of Being A Quarterback MAG

By Anonymous

   Some people say that being a quarterback doesn't take much. Well, the person who says that couldn't know too much about football. Some may see the position as just throwing or handing off. Sorry, but that is totally wrong. What happens when you walk up to the line of scrimmage and see there is a linebacker filling the hole where the play was meant to go? Would you have the sense to call out an audible so the play could run effectively? Say you were dropping back to pass and the number one receiver was covered like a blanket - would you have enough reaction time to find your other receivers?

The quarterback must be the brightest player on the field. He has to learn not just one position but several. He must know what the backs are doing, what routes the receivers are running, and what type of blocking the linemen are doing. This is the most pressure-packed position since the quarterback is responsible for the entire offense. When a play is messed up, most of the blame is put on the quarterback. If a receiver runs the wrong pattern and an interception occurs, the blame is once again put on the quarterback. Even with all the pressure and responsibility, the quarterback will once in a while make a fantastic play and everyone will look upon him as the hero of the game. But after that, it is back to being sacked by 300-pound linemen, the coach's voice bellowing in his ear and the fans being mad at him for throwing a bad pass (that really wasn't his fault). l

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