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By Anonymous

   How can the fans here in Boston put up with the poor effort put forth by the sports teams this year? Yes, I know the Bruins made it to the playoffs, but what was the team that got knocked out by the Florida Panthers? Worst of all in five games! Even though the Bruins got crushed in the first three games, the fans were right along side them as if it were the seventh game of the Stanley Cup. Why were those fans sitting in their nice, cushioned seats at the Fleet Center cheering the Black and Gold on? To tell you the truth, I have no clue! I don't understand why these fans would want to watch a so-called professional hockey team miss open net after open net.

Problem: The Bruins need more scoring punch and another sound defenseman.

Solution: Trade for Jeremy Roenick; after all, he does want to come to Beantown. Also, trade for a veteran defenseman who can get the job done.

Now to the Celtics. The luck of the Irish really worked this year! Yeah, they were lucky that any fans showed up for the games! The fans for the Celtics were there for the bad times and for the ... wait a minute; did they have any good times? Who can remember? I'll tell you who can remember, it's those loyal fans who put up with those overpaid, underachieving, whining babies. It's amazing that these "basketball players" (note that I use this term very loosely) are getting millions of dollars to miss a free throw!

Problem: The has-been players.

Solution: Draft Alan Iverson.

Ah, those beloved Pats, weren't they just the greatest last year? Wait a second, they didn't make the playoffs this year either! I have a question: is Drew Bledsoe color blind? Why do I ask this? It's because he always seems to be throwing the ball to the team in the opposite colored uniform. I never will understand why those Pats fans are willing to sit in below-zero temperatures just to cheer on a team that is probably not going to win the Super Bowl within the next 15 years!

Problem: Not enough quality wide receivers.

Solutions: Trade for a guy like Michael Irving.

Alright, three teams down and two to go! And those teams are ... the Boston Red Sox and the New England Revolution. Gee, with the Sox off to their worst start in decades, it looks as if the Revolution is going to have to go where no soccer team has gone before; dare I say it ... to the championship! What is the name of the championship in soccer, anyway?

This isn't about teams winning for their contract bonus, it's about us, the fans, and the way things are going I'll take any win I can get! l

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