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Larry Bird And The Boston Celtics MAG

By Anonymous

   The Boston Celtics are truly the best,

Winning sixteen championships, better than the rest.

In the sixties this team was king,

Winning every year, winning everything.

Except for their 1967 defeat,

When the Celtics were finally beat.

They won eight straight championships in a row,

That is a feat no other team will know.

In the seventies, the Celtics were still in the race,

But winning championships at a much slower pace.

Only winning two that whole decade,

The Celtics reign had started to fade.

In 1979, the Celtics signed Larry Bird,

His number was "33" and his position forward.

In the eighties the Celtics won three,

Thanks to Larry, their MVP.

Now it is the nineties and a championship hasn't come,

But give the Celtics time, they'll win some.

They will have to do it without their star,

Because Bird's back can't go very far.

He recently announced his retirement,

And everyone knew what that meant.

There will be no more times to see,

The green and white jersey that carried "33,"

Except when it hangs from the Garden for all to see.

Farewell number 33,

A true Legend he will always be.

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