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1990 Baseball Card Review MAG

By Anonymous

   It is almost the end of the baseball season and it's time to review this year's baseball cards. First let's look at the major baseball card companies.

There are a few new companies which offered sets late this year in addition to the companies that have been around for awhile. There are Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Score, Upper Deck, Bowman, and Leaf with Leaf becoming a major card company just a couple of months ago, and Upper Deck beginning production in 1989.

Topps wax packs contain 18 cards (with a piece of gum). The cards have basically the same look to them as in the past, but the design has been changed. The photography is not too sharp, and the card, in my opinion, is poorly designed, and is made on very low quality paper. **(out of a five possible stars)

Donruss this year has a completely different wax pack design from years past. The package contains 16 cards (and a puzzle piece). At the beginning of the year Donruss came out with an instant win game, which was later dropped, because of too many winners. The front of the card is different and better from the years before. Its red border is a nice touch, and the photography is exceptional. The back is the same as in the past, with the exception of the colors. ****

Fleers baseball cards this year are not well designed, but the addition of rookies such as Kevin Maas and Dave Justice make it a desirable set. The wax packs have 16 cards (with stickers included).x The backs are poorly executed, and are not appealing.***

Score is one of the best-looking sets that came out in 1990. The cards' colorful fronts and backs make it a winner! The photography is excellent, and the appearance of the card is one of the best I've seen. Score has one card in the set that everyone likes . . . the black and white photograph of Bo Jackson. The card is already worth $12! There is one problem: they stopped making the set, because, at the beginning of the season not too many people wanted it, so Score decided to print its football cards instead. Score has 16 cards in a pack. *****

Upper Deck is as good as Score with sharp pictures, and a great looking card. There are 16 cards in a pack. The packs cost a dollar each, (compared to 50 cents for the others), but Upper Deck is worth it. It has a hologram on the back, so nobody can copy the cards, and it really is an awesome looking set. *****

Bowman, in my opinion, is the worst set of the year. Its looks are very unappealing, and you have to squint to read the names. The card is made by Topps and the photography is good. The packs have 16 cards and come with a copy painting of a superstar, and are wrapped in an ugly wrapper. The only good thing about these cards is that the packs contain some good rookies. *

Leaf just arrived on the scene a few months ago, and the set is already selling for $80. The packs are wrapped tightly in a silver wrapper and are made by Donruss. These cards are very rare, and will probably increase in value over the next few years. The pictures are great and the design is not bad. Leaf is the most expensive of the packs selling for about $2 for 15 cards.n

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