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A Sestina For a Marathon

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Your lungs are burning,
as you are training,
to beat your rival.
You must get that medal
for running
the distance.

You’re running a distance.
Your lungs are burning,
but you just keep running.
You know that this training,
will earn you your medal
and you’ll beat your rival.

Your rival
is pulling away. He’s ready for this distance
competition. He’ll win the medal.
Your lungs are on fire. They’re burning
inside your chest. But you have been training.
So you just keep on running

You do not stop running.
You’re catching your rival.
Your training
for running this distance,
has showed you how much you are burning
inside to win that medal.

You’ve won the medal,
For your amazing running.
The burning
desire to beat your rival
is gone. You know that you went the distance
Because of your training.

Has earned you the shining medal.
Is something that you’ve finally beaten your rival
in doing. You know how much he’s burning.

But the burning and the training
And the win over your rival and the golden medal
Mean nothing compared to simply running that great distance.

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on Jun. 28 2009 at 3:20 am
ProdigalDaughter SILVER, Winona, Minnesota
8 articles 1 photo 10 comments
Very nice! Feels like I'm actually running the race.