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World Series Of 1995

February 26, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Grounder to right field. It took 5 bounces and Maglio was already throwing it in to the first baseman for an out.

Maglio spent some of his time in the game listening to the crowd yelling out to him, touching the occasional back of a fan to autograph it when the innings were over, and feeling the excitement of fans when he walked onto the field. The rest of Maglio's team got the other two outs and were off the field to start batting.

'The first person up for the Tigers is Brandon Inge,' the announcer stated.

He hit a line drive that hopped over the fence in 2 bounces, and then Maglio was up to bat. It was full count and the ball was coming in fast and right down the middle, and BAM! The ball went flying in the outfield.

'He's running to first, rounding first and sprinting past second, he starts going to third base and soon rounds it, then he is blasting towards home base just as the ball is getting blown in. Maglio slid in just as the ball hit the catcher's glove,' the announcer said excitingly.

The dust cleared up and after a few seconds the ump bellowed, 'Out!'

Two guys got a hit to get on 2nd and 3rd base but the next few people on the Tiger's got out. The announcer kept wiping sweat off his head saying,'It's so stuffy it's like never going in a pool when you're in Cancun, so stuffy it's like having an office with no air conditioning in the middle of the desert, so stuffy if it got any stuffier I might die.'

But back on the field everything was going as planned and they got three outs, one after another, with nobody getting on base. Maglio was mad that he never got the ball that inning and ended up taking his anger out on the ball, for a three run home run! When Maglio got back to the dugout he forgot all about not getting the ball last inning and ended up showing his I'm-the-best-of-the-best kind of glare.

Now it's the bottom of the 8th, two outs, and no one on base, and with Justin Verlander on the pitcher's mound.

'Justin Verlander pitched one strike, two strikes, and the third strike was pounded hard to right field! Maglio is running toward the fence, he stretches out his hand, and it lands perfectly in his glove for the last out of the inning!' the announcer screamed.

The first pitch of the inning with the Tigers back on the field was a strike, a ball, then suddenly grounder to the pitcher who threw the ball to first for an easy out. The second guy up struck out, and the guy grounded out to left field.

You could hear laughter in the stands because the guy that got out to lose the game was just sitting there and crying. You could also hear cheers because it was the Tigers first no hitter game ever!

'This is a huge game for the Tigers and they might just make it to the World Series next year too, if they have the same team!They also are going to be in the Hall of Fame for having the first no hitter in a World Series game ever!' the announcer yelled excitedly.

Everybody left excited and hoped another one would come their way soon.

Maglio stayed behind like always and heard the few people yell out to him, signed some backs of fans, and felt the excitement of fans when he was talking to them.

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