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Seeking Revenge

January 22, 2021
By SavannahSprinkle, Ventura, California
SavannahSprinkle, Ventura, California
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She’s from another world surviving in another body. Cindy was a young doctor living her life then all of a sudden got into an accident. This accident made Cindy wake up in another person's body from a different time era with her memories. Her name now was Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a beautiful woman who many found jealous of. One of the many was her sister. Elizabeth wakes up in the forest with 2 people carrying her body as if it was a corpse. With her martial arts skills she defeats them and finds out that her sister sent them. On her  journey, her goal is to throw her sister in jail to uphold justice for herself. The only way to do this is to travel back to her country, get witnesses, and evidence to prove that her sister is guilty. The only thing is, how will she get money? Who will help her? What is stopping her, and where will this story end? Through Elizabeth’s journey for revenge, she helps many people, and shows them what a woman can do.


Seeking Revenge

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