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The Rock On The Road

January 22, 2021
By aryanna-morales1, Ventura, California
aryanna-morales1, Ventura, California
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Heather Keener is an amazing student. She has good grades and she's is a part of the cheer team. Lately, she's been distracted by the football coach, James Monroe. Her mother and her best friend, Jenny think James is no good for her. Heather often shows up to school and practice with scars and bruises that appear overnight. One night, Heather goes out with her friends after James has been drinking. James is obviously too drunk to drive, yet he goes out driving to look for Heather. Once he finds her, he become very angry and aggressive towards her. Her yells at her, and nearly breaks her wrist. Heather tries running away but James catches her. He then grabs a rock and bashes it against her head, knocking her unconscious. James has to rush her to the hospital without letting others know the truth about what happened that night.


The Rock On The Road

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