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April 3, 2013
By nonbinarycheezit GOLD, Milton, New Hampshire
nonbinarycheezit GOLD, Milton, New Hampshire
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This story begins near the beginning of the chapter, The Witch and the Werecat. In this chapter Eragon and Brom are currently in the town of Teirm and are staying with one of Brom’s old friends, Jeod, and Jeod’s wife, Helen. One late morning while they were there, Eragon awoke to find himself alone with Jeod’s butler. His butler told Eragon that Neal (Brom’s fake name), had left with his master, and that Eragon could do whatever he wanted because they would not return until that evening. So Eragon left and explored the town, wandering the streets and entering any shop that struck his fancy. He eventually had to start heading back to Jeod’s because he did not have a lot of money left and was starting to get hungry. When he reached the street where Jeod lived, he stopped in front herbalist’s shop next door. Curious, he entered the strange looking building. It was dark inside, the walls were covered with plants, and the ceiling was obscured with vines. There was a large colorful bird in a cage near one of the windows, and a collection of mortars, pestles, metal bowls, and a clear crystal ball the size of Eragon’s head on the counter. Inside he met a cat behind the counter. This cat was able to talk through his mind to Eragon, and seemed to be a wise and sarcastic being. He was even able to tell that Eragon was a Dragon Rider without ever being told. Eragon was shocked when he realized it was the cat speaking through his mind when he at first thought it might have been his dragon, Saphira. He then learned that this cat wasn’t a normal cat, it was a werecat. Eragon asked the werecat for his name and it replied, “Solembum.” At that moment, the owner of the store, Angela, swung the shop door open and walked in. She looked at Solembum and then to Eragon, “He says you talked with him.” Eragon was startled that she could talk with him as well. She just tossed her head stating of course she could, but it doesn’t always mean that he will say anything back. She then began to talk with Eragon about the few people who Solembum had shown himself to, and how Eragon was only the third person who had. The first was a women, the second was a blind beggar. She then offered Eragon a fortune telling. Instead of using the crystal ball as Eragon thought she would, she went out back and returned holding a leather pouch. Laying out the contents on a thick cloth she told Eragon they were the knuckle bones of a dragon, and that they cannot lie when telling ones fate, but understanding what they say can be hard. Angela also described how knowing ones fate can be a terrible thing and that Eragon must be sure of his decision. Eragon then wondered why she offered. Angela replied, “Because of Solembum. He may have been rude, but the fact that he spoke to you makes you special. He is a werecat, after all. I offered to do this for the other two people who talked with him as well. Only the women agreed to it. Selena was her name. Ah, she regretted it, too. Her fortune was bleak and painful. I don’t think she believed it- not at first.” Eragon then remembered his mother’s name was Selena. She had left Eragon when he was little, leaving him to be raised by his uncle, Garrow. Eragon had never known anything of his mother. He then asked Angela if she remembered anything about Selena’s fortune, wondering if her destiny was so horrible that she had to abandon him. Angela shook her head, and told him she doesn’t remember because of how long ago it was.

This is where my story begins, the change I made in this books story line is when Angela said she didn’t remember Selena, and instead will remember her. And with Eragon knowing of what his mother’s fate was, he will then try to find her, to see if she is still alive.



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