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Arcade Games - Richie Tozier x female oc

March 30, 2021
By Anonymous

Author's note:

I haven't read Stephen King's IT book, okay? Although I have done a lot of research about the plot and charecters so I hope that helps. Also, some of the locations in this book are fictional. Let's pretend that some particular scenes in the IT book never happened, including Pennywise, the rituals (I'm a christian:D), and Beverly doing you-know-what to all six of the boys in The Loser's Club. There will be no profanity in this book, no underage sex, but maybe smoking, I do not know yet. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my first chapter of "Arcade Games - Richie Tozier x female oc". And yes, there will be other books (chapters) of "Arcade Games - Richie Tozier x female oc ".

If forty-eight shiny, Crown Arcade tokens weren’t enough, Richard didn’t know what was. He had been saving them up for the new year when all of the children were rarely at the arcade. It was a plan he had been working at for months. He convinced all of his friends to give him their tokens so he could use them in the new year on all of the arcade games so he could be named Derry’s First Arcade King. He even drew a neat map of the arcade, considering the fact that he failed art class, and wrote out in a Number 2 pencil where he would start.

By the front desk near Mr. Howards is where I’ll finish, so then I can scram out the door and ride my bike back home by eight. He thought to himself. Like the rest of his friends, Richie had a curfew. Seven o’clock sharp is when they had to be home or else Mr. Tozier would have to procure his thick, leather belt from his waist and give Richard a spanking.

Richard decided to change the time to seven exactly. He needed to wake up early, though, to master all of the games and be known as Derry’s First Arcade King. How early? Five in the morning. 

The sun peeked through Richard’s window, uninvitingly giving a glare on his glasses which he accidentally slept with the night before, reviewing and revising his arcade plan.

Richard groaned as he adjusted his glasses on his face. He looked just like a character, straight out of a cartoon with huge, chocolate eyes and thick glasses that have been broken, who knows how many times from Bowers, Henry Bowers and his gang of misfits called The Bowers Gang. But that was an understatement, considering Richard is a misfit himself, being a member of The Losers Club along with six other kids, his close friends.

Richard jumped out of bed as he didn’t even bother to make it (but then again, he never does) as he looked in his closet for the perfect hawian shirt to wear, not like anyone could even see it considering the fact that it’s winter. But this hawiian shirt was different. It was a special gift from Richard’s grandmother, before she passed away. She was a fun, spirited soul who loved to dance, make jokes, and play with Richard. She was known in the town of Derry, Maine as “Dorthy Tozier, the Queen of Comedy”, or simply just “The Queen of Comedy”. And that’s where Richard gets his comedic humor from, his Grandmother Dorthy whom he called Nana.

Richard confidently found Nana’s gift for him, a bumblebee yellow long-sleeved hawiian shirt with fading sunsets, from rose pink to orange and pineapple yellow palm trees and white buttons. He loved it.

Along with ripped jeans (that weren’t always ripped due to Henry Bowers and his gang) and white tennis shoes, Richard snuck with his black backpack, inside his map and forty-eight shiny Crown Arcade coins and his red, green and yellow ski jacket which he despised notoriously, tip-toes downstairs.

He grabbed an apple from a gift basket his mother had received from Henrietta Bowers, oblivious that that is the name of Richard’s mother’s bully, then quickly trashed it in the garbage. Richard looked at his appearance in a shiny silver doorknob.

“You look sexy today, Richie. Why aren’t all the ladies running to you?” He smirked at his own response as he opened the door and closed it slowly, then pushed his cinnamon brown glasses up his freckled nose as he hopped on his black bike and rode to the Crown Arcade.

Out of 100, the chance of The Bowers Gang sneaking behind him and scaring the living daylight out of him was an eighty. Richard prayed that they wouldn’t come as he rode along the bumpy, grey rode of Maple Street, Derry, Maine.

Beverly sat outside of her home, her entire body was curled up into a ball. She wasn’t experiencing splinters on her behind even though the porch she was sitting on was poorly made from wood. She was only wearing a pink, floral dress and her key around her neck. No shoes, no coat, no socks.

Her father had kicked her out once again, calling her “greedy” and “a brat” just for asking him to make her breakfast. Beverly never learned how to cook or even warm water. She was thinking about where to go since she was kicked out. The quarry wasn’t an option. It was too far away and none of her friends would be there during this chilly January winter in Derry, Maine. She then heard tires swerving on the pavement. She jumped and ran to hide behind a tree, her red hair was too short to even cover her shoulders, it being an ear-length bob.

“No, no, it can’t be Henry Bowers can it?” She whispered under her breath, her teeth chattering. Nervously, Beverly picked up three rocks and was about to throw them when she saw Richie.

“Richie!” She said as she sighed, dropping the rocks. Richie didn’t notice her but when he did, swerved his bike around and stopped so he was a few feet in front of Beverly.

“Bev, what’s wrong? It’s cold out here, girl.” He said as he took off his ski jacket and gave it to Beverly who thanked him gratefully.

“It happened again.” She whispered to him.

“I thought he was done. I thought this was a summer thing, you know, because you’re not social. I thought he was just dumping your little butt out of your house so you can make new friends or whatever.” Richie spatt as he ate some more of his apple. Beverly angrily punched Richie playfully in the shoulder.

“No. He’s getting worse day by day. And more hateful.” She looked at Richie. “It's really early, where are you going?”

“To the arcade, remember? I have some games I've gotta win!” Richie said as he rode a bit closer to Beverly.

“Get on.” He said. Beverly nodded as she hopped onto Richie’s bike and held onto his waist. As Richie rode off with speed, Bev felt her worries slowly drift away in the wind. As long as she was away from Al Marsh, she was happy. Bev then remembered the couple of dollars she stole from her Dad’s wallet. She knows that he acts that way, even when she does nothing. Beverly made sure Richie wasn’t looking as she took out twenty dollars from her black bra. 

“Richie, I’m hungry. Can we stop by Issiah’s Bakery?” She asked. It was The Losers Club’s favorite place to hang out, other than the quarry. The teenage boy nodded as he turned right, swerving a little.

I love Richie, I really do, but out of all the Losers to come, why the one that will very likely FAIL their driver’s test? Beverly thought to herself.

Isaiah’s Bakery is closer to the Crown Arcade and Derry National Park. Beverly Inhaled the sweet air that smelled of pine. And then, a small, white speck landed on Beverly’s freckled nose.

“A snowflake,” She giggled. Richie shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Welcome to Derry, Beverly. Strange you didn’t know there was snow here, considering you’ve lived in Maine your entire life.” Richie jokes.

Richie threw his bike to the ground in front of Isaiah’s Bakery. Beverly followed him inside the light pink painted bakery. The bell ringed as they entered.

There were some people there, a few teenagers around their age. Richie sighed when he saw no Bowers.

Richie sat at a window booth, his hands clasped together, as he dug through his backpack to find the coins. He watched as Beverly was asking the cashier how many dollars a strawberry muffin cost. She didn’t even bother Richie if he wanted something but he knew deep down, Beverly was going to give him a chocolate muffin.

Richie looked down and his clasped hands. He looked back at the red booth seat in front of him to see a girl with beautiful, cinnamon colored skin and dark chocolate eyes. Richie almost choked. He was in the presence of an angel.

“I’m sorry,” The girl laughed nervously. She herself has never seen such a beautiful person before. Her heart skipped a few beats as she pondered of a stupid excuse of what to say.

“I- I just moved here..?” She said. Richie blushed at her stutter. It reminded him of his friend, Bill Denbrough.

Richie knew to play it cool, but didn’t he always? He started checking out the girl, trying not to make it noticeable, then he smoothed back his hair.

“I live on Springfield Road. It’s close to this place,” The girl said, looking around Isaiah’s Bakery.

“I can tell you’re not from Derry. We get cold weather around here, considering we’re in the northern part of Maine.” Richie chuckled. Little did he know the girl was just as interested in him as he was in her. She admired his deep-bass flirtatious voice, budding Adam’s apple, pink, plump luscious lips, and light brown freckles sprinkled across his nose bridge and under his adorable, chocolate eyes.

Accidentally letting out a sigh of interest in Richie, the girl decided to reveal her name. “My name is Amanda. I live on 149 Springfield Road.”

Richie was absolutely falling head over heels for Amanda and Beverly was in the corner, watching it all go down.

“Oh, I’m Richie. I live in a house on Maple Street, the one with the black bike in front of it.” Blush crept onto his cheeks.

“Cool. So, i’ll see you around?” Amanda asked Richie. Richie continued to drown in her beauty.

“Y-yeah. See ya!” He waved heavily as he watched Amanda walk away. Richie admired Amanda’s curvaceous figure until she left the Bakery. Sighing, Richie noticed pools of sweat in his hairline.

Well,” Beverly smirked slyly as she sat in front of Richie, where Amanda was sitting. She passed him his chocolate muffin that was standing straight up on a brown paper napkin. Richie watched as the muffin skidded on the napkin, across the small, black and white checkered table in front of him. 

“What was that?” Beverly continued, trying to stifle her giggle. Richie didn’t know how to respond to Beverly. He was too smitten by Amanda’s beauty.

“That was Richie Tozier, the Trashmouth in love!” Cooed a voice. Beverly looked up to see Stan, another member of their little gang. Stanley Uris has a few interests including writing, and bird watching, journaling what he finds in his notebook. Today, he decided to go to Isaiah’s Bakery, just to be there. He didn’t know that two of the other Losers, Bev and Richie, were there. He saw Richie’s fluster and overheard his conversation with Amanda. Even though Stanley was a quiet introvert, he loved poking fun at the Losers.

What? No. I don’t fall in love!” Richie protested. Stan only scoffed. “I saw the way you eyed her hips. You like her!”

Richie wasn’t all for romance. He really wasn’t. Sure, he would enjoy reading Romeo and Juliet for English class and once in a while he’ll listen to romantic music but him falling in love? No, no. It’s more likely a demon clown attacks him then Richie falling in love.

“I mean, she’s really pretty.’ Stan stated matter-of-factly. “And she’s new. This is your chance to show her around because I have a feeling Bowers and his little gang are going to make her fall for him!”

Stan was right. Knowing Henry Bowers, he would probably do who knows what to the poor girl. Richie nodded as Stan slumped back into his booth, twisting his body around to face the table as he looked down at his new bird sighting discoveries.

Beverly looked at Richie as she continued to eat her muffin. “I thought we’re going to the arcade after this.” She said, interrupting Richie’s thoughts. 

“We, we are.” he stuttered. Beverly burst into laughter. The two finished their muffins and said goodbye to Stanley who only smirked as he stared in awe at his drawings. Before Richie went out the door, Stan yelled, “Go get your woman, Trashmouth Tozier!” Richie rolled his eyes as he picked up his bike, now covered in snow, gestured for Beverly to get on and rode away to the Crown Arcade.

Stuttering Bill was sitting in a blue chair near Howard’s desk. He was baffled that he stepped foot into the arcade. Really, this was Richie’s terf, him being the best gamer in the arcade.

“I thought we were going to get more band-aids after you got beaten up by Bowers.” Eddie’s high-pitched voice squeaked from beside Bill. Bill turned slowly to reveal half of his pounded, bloody eye that was turning a plum purple. He wasn’t in the mood for hearing about Eddie’s bandages. He was at the arcade only for him to hurry up and get enough paper towers to clean his eye. It really was Bill who suggested cleaning his eye with brown paper towels instead of using medicine and wrapping his head in a bandage.

“Okay,” Eddie said as he started whipping away Bill’s bloody eye. When he was done, more blood spilled out. 

“That’s it!” Eddie said, irritated. He opened his fanny pack on the side of his waist, a little above his red shorts accented with white and took out white bandages. Bill rolled his one good eye. Classic Eddie, taking care of everyone.

“Better?” Eddie asked when he was done. His hands were stained with blood as he washed them in the Boys’ bathroom. 

Bill was still silent. At that moment, they heard a loud noise. Running out to see Amanda, the two boys looked at her in shock. She was playing all the games in the arcade so fast and hooting whenever she won. There was a crowd of kids and lucky for Eddie and Bill, they could see amand just fine. Eddie went up to one of the games, Pac Man, and looked to see Amanda in first place, the username being “åmån∂å” and Richie’s being “Rich”. Eddie turned to Bill. They both had the same thought. Richie was not going to like this.

 Richie and Bev made it to the arcade a little later than planned. The road was getting too slippery to ride on so they both walked there, Richie walking his bike. There was a ruckus of children, excited to see Amanda win. They were all chanting her username, pronounced “Amada” over and over again. She was on the last game to play in the arcade, Street Fighter. Richie was consoled by anger at whoever “Amada '' was and got the best of him as he pushed everyone aside, revealing the mysterious player. Without even acknowledging who they were, Richie put his bony hands on their shoulders.

“What are you doing, beating my high score?” He asked sternly, practically yelling. Beverly joined Eddie and Bill, trying to look away from Bill whom her heart throbbed for. She then realized that the mysterious player was Amanda, her eyes widening.

The author's comments:

I will continue Chapter 3, I just haven't been writing that much on this story, and have been going and starting other ones. But I will create anotehr book, contioing or starting Chapter 3 over. I promise.

“A-A-Amanda, I-I-” Before Richie could finish, the screen of Street Fighter lit up. Everyone angrily stared at Richie, except for Amanda, who continued to stare at the screen. In huge, bold red letters, it read You Lost.

Everyone groaned in annoyance and walked away from the arcade game, some leaving while others cursed furiously at Richie.

Richie turned back to the beautiful girl who was still staring at the screen. She wasn’t in shock, not about Richie making her loose. She was just...frozen. Her stomach had erupted with happiness, remembering Richie's touch on her right shoulder. Not because of losing… because of-

“Richie, what the heck, she was doing so well!” Eddie complained, which is unorthodox, considering the fact that he doesn’t like arcade games.

“Yeah, she-she almost beat you!” Bill protested. 

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