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The Wall

June 11, 2013
By Anonymous

Author's note: This was based off of my social studies class i got the idea in english to write a fictional story about the berlin wall.

I’m sitting in a booth at the Diamond Diner drinking my morning coffee. When the bell sounds for someone entering or exiting, I look up it’s my wife, Cassie, she usually sleeps later than me. She sits next to me and then the waitress walks up with her breakfast. The bell sounds again, I look up this time it is a couple kids waking in with note pads.
“I wonder what they’re doing at 6 am in the morning. They only look like high scholars’.” I ask myself. The first kid walks up and asks
“Good morning sir, I would like to ask you a question.”
“Shoot kid” I reply.
“Would your name happen to be Kevin German?” The kid asks curiously.
“Why yes it is what is it you’re looking for?” I ask.
“My friends and I are doing a project for Germany and we are focusing on berlin wall. Our teacher found a list of people from Germany in that time period and your story sounded most interesting.” The kid responded. I gave a look over at my wife, her eyes told everything. I think the kid noticed it in her eyes as well.
“We can come back if you would like?” he hesitated to ask.
“No no it’s ok my wife just has flash backs and I think she will leave before we continue the story.” I said. Cassie stood up and walked out the door putting money over at the cash register.
“It all started when I was only seventeen years old in high school in East Germany.” I said.

I woke up the sound of people yelling and running around outside filled my eardrums. I sat upright and threw my feet to the cold wood floor. I stood up feeling dizzy. I walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of clothes for the day. I walked down stairs to the main room of our apartment, above our restaurant. I walked to the pantry and opened the door. I grabbed the box of cereal and walked over to the refrigerator. There I grabbed the milk and poured it into a glass. Then I sat down at the kitchen table with my bowl of cereal and a glass of milk. After my light breakfast I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door. I was walking down the street to school when Cassie, my best friend, walked up behind me and grabbed my bag as a prank. We walked down the street till we got to the curb. Across the street was Berlin East High School. After school we went across the west side of berlin and bought some food that wasn’t sold on the east side.

The next day we were walking home when we noticed barb wire all along the ground with guards keeping people from going across. Then I noticed it, one of Cassie’s and my friends was there with a uniform on and a gun pointing at us directly.
“Don’t even think about crossing the line. I have orders to shoot anyone who is going to try to cross.” He said.
“Paul what are you doing we are your friends! We would never do anything to hurt you!” Cassie screamed.
“Sorry Cassie I know you guys go over to the west after school every day.” Paul said spitefully. “Come on Cassie let’s get out of here.” I said.
“Kevin you little wimp not going to stand up for your girlfriend, you won’t do anything except say let’s go.” Paul said hysterically.
“I’m not looking for a fight Paul; I don’t want to hurt you.” I said.
“Hurt me? Ha don’t make me laugh if you haven’t noticed I have a gun what do you have? Your fists, your feet? Good luck trying to beat me in a fight.” Paul said. I walked away with Cassie behind me. The next day a wall was being made, it was six feet high made of brick.
A week later

The wall was complete and people were being killed left and right trying to make it over the wall. My family wanted to be free too, so we decided to try and make it over the wall tomorrow night. Another boring day at school, kid takes my lunch money I try to get it back. He punches me in the stomach, I walk away upset. Then Cassie ends up buying me my lunch and I have to pay her back. That night my family and I snuck to the wall, I helped my sister over, then my mom, then my dad. I was climbing over when someone grabbed my foot. I turned around to see who it was, it was Paul and he had a huge evil grin on his face.
“Leaving so soon Kevin? Why don’t you stay for a while?” He said.
“Paul let go of me. I just want to go with my family.” I snapped at him.
“I’m not letting you leave.” He said
“Oh really Paul, you want to know why I stopped talking to you?” I said.
“What is it then?” Paul said.
“You always had to be better that is why I stopped talking and never went over.” I said angrily.
“You’re going to pay for this Kevin.” Paul said swinging his arm straight at my face. I ducked quicker than I had imagined because next thing I know I’m on the ground. I stand up and swing at Paul. Perfect swing right to his temple, he then swings back and nails me in the jaw. I kick him right in the shin which went out from under him and caused him to collapse. Paul kicks my right foot from on the ground and causes me to fall over. Then he is on top of me and is punching me in the face. I block one of his attacks and throw him off guard. I then punch him in the face; he falls over and slowly gets back up. He swings his arm at me but I block by punching his arm. A wail escapes his mouth and he falls down. I then stomp on his arm one last time trying to stop him from grabbing me as I go over the wall. I am on the top of the wall when an arm grabs me and I fall over back onto the East side. I land on a rock and pass out.

I wake up in my house; I walk over to my dresser and grab a pair of clothes.
“It was all a dream” I think to myself. I look in the mirror to see a huge bandage on the left side of my head. The door opens behind me; I turn around expecting my mother. “Cassie?” I say.
“Hey Kevin” she says.
“Where are my parents and why are you here at nine a.m.?” I ask.
“Your family escaped over with your help, but you were grabbed by a guard and knocked you out with a rock. Then they brought you to your house. Also its Saturday you have been asleep for a week.” Cassie said.
“Come on lets go outside.” I said. As we walked outside there was a cold fresh wind blowing into my face. I looked over to the wall, everything slowed down all at once. The wall was twice as big since last time I saw it.
“Kevin? You ok?” Cassie asked.
“Yeah just that last I remember there was only one wall there.” I said.
“Come on let’s just go.” Cassie said painfully. We started walking down the cobble brick road. We started to walk to her house when Cassie started to cry.
“What’s the matter Cassie?” I asked confused.
“My Parents left to go over the wall. I followed them. They left me Kevin! They got over the wall; my Father was shot and fell over. He probably is dead.” Cassie sobbed.

We kept on walking around for another hour. Then we turned a corner and there he was: Paul. He was walking toward us, a sling on his arm I stomped down.
“Maybe we should go another way back.” Cassie said.
“No let’s just keep going if he decides to fight I will break his other arm.” I said with a slight smile. Cassie gave a slight look of what a smile would look like. We walked past him without any problem. Then it happened.
“Hey Kevin look at what I have.” Paul said.
I turned around to see what he was talking about. There with a knife at her neck was Cassie trapped in Paul’s good arm.
“Don’t you dare Paul; I will ruin your days if you go through with your plan. First I will break your arm and feet.”
“Oh I’m so scared of you. You broke my one arm already.” He screamed.
“It Didn’t Hurt A Bit! I feel nothing Kevin I would like to see you try and make me feel pain.”
Then Cassie kicked him in the leg and broke free. I charged Paul with a full on tackle. Paul was on the ground, knife five feet away. I punched him in the face, a crack came from his jaw. I punched again and again, Paul then went limp.
“You killed him Kevin, you killed Paul.” Cassie said.
“No I knocked him out.” I said half believing Cassie.
“Let’s go” Cassie said.
We walked away from the dead or knocked out Paul. People started to circle around him, one person must have recognized him because he shouted something and everyone started kicking and punching him. We started to run away from all the violence that is happening left and right because of this stupid wall. We kept on walking till we ended up at my house. I walked inside and went to the kitchen to make myself some lunch. I walked into the living room and handed Cassie a sandwich on a plate. We started to eat the lunch I prepared.
“We need to think of a way out of here, we need to go find our families.” I said “We also need to find a way without being seen”
“Your right but how they are at the wall twenty four seven.” Cassie replied.
“We go tonight” I said ”Before they upgrade the wall any more, there is no telling what will happen but I’m not going to sit around here and watch them build more and trap us in like mice.”
I stood up taking Cassie’s empty plate to the kitchen. I then went to my room and lay down on my bed for one last time. My eyes started to shut when Cassie walked into my room.
“I’m going to go into your sister’s room and take a nap too. Ok Kevin?” Cassie asked.
“Yeah go ahead Cassie we need to keep our energy for tonight.” I replied.
I then shut my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
“What happened next?” One of the kids said.

“You will have to wait for later because I need to go to work.” I replied.

“Where or when should we meet you again?” The kid asked.

“Can you come here at lunch time?” I asked. “Also what are your kids’ names?”
“Yes we can meet you here at lunch. Also my name is John, this is Kyle, her name is Megan, and this is Samantha.” John said.

“Ok well see you guys at lunch time then.” I said.

“Yup see you then.” John said.

Lunch Time
I walked into the diner to see John, Kyle, Megan, and Samantha there waiting for me.
“Ok well let me continue the story” I said.
I woke up from my long nap I looked at my watch that I left on my night stand. It read seven p.m. I went to get Cassie to find her in the living room.
“So when did you wake up?” I asked
“About five minutes ago.” Cassie said.
“Ok well let’s grab a little snack and then head out.” I said.
“Ok well let’s see what you have to eat.” Cassie replied with a smirk on her face.
We walked into the kitchen and grabbed apples from the fruit bowl. I sat down and started to eat the apple. Cassie sat down too and took a bite out of the red ball.
“Ok ready?” Cassie asked finishing the last bite of the apple.
“Yup ready when ever.” I said.
We walked out of the house for the last time.

Before we left I went the secret stash of money that my parents left behind in the rush. We walked to the nearest wall; there was a guard walking buy I called him over. The guard walked up to me and started talking.
“What do you want kid?” The guard asked.
“I will pay you one hundred euros if you let” I said.
“Let me stop you right there if you think I’m going to let two people over the wall you must be crazy.” He said.
“Fine I will pay you three hundred euros if you let us over the wall. I know you only make twenty euros every three days.” I said.
“Kevin don’t do it let’s go forget about it I guess we will never see our parents again.”
“No please go ahead I will sneak you two over but you must pay me right now.”
“Deal” I said.
The guard led us to his vehicle for us to lie down in the back.
“I have one question for you kids.” The guard said.
“What’s the question?” I asked.
“Where did two kids get three hundred euros?” He asked.
“My parents worked in the government then left and started other things but saved a lot of money up for me to go to college.” I informed the guard.
“Huh well aren’t you a lucky little kid.” He responded.
“Yeah I guess you could say so.” I said.
He laid a blanked over Cassie and me, and then the car came to life. The car must have been on the streets because it was twisting and turning. Then there was speaking, a screeching noise started the car went forward then turned and stopped. The guard came to the back and acted like he was grabbing something.
“When I go to talk and stall them you guys slip our quietly and run as fast as you can. Run to the big city which is four miles away but be careful you two.” He whispered. Then the noise of his boots started slowly getting softer.
“Come on Cassie” I whispered.
“Ok” She whispered back. We jumped out as quiet as possible. Then we went into a full mad dash towards the city.
“Were free!” I quietly yelled to Cassie.
“Well that was my story guys.” I said
“Did you find your parents?” John asked.
“Yeah I found my parents and Cassie’s parents. I went to college there and then the wall was torn down. I left with Cassie to come to America to marry her.” I said.
“Wow” John said.
“Well I think we should get going guys.” Samantha said.
“Yeah we probably should” John said.
“Thanks for the story Mr. German.” They all said.

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