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Separate They are Princes but Together They are Stars

January 24, 2012
By bazilelizab, Mukilteo, Washington
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bazilelizab, Mukilteo, Washington
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A middle age king is pacing next to some big, round oak doors to his wife’s room awaiting for the arrival of his first child. He hears his wife screaming. When the screaming stops it then is replaced by a baby’s cry. He then runs to the doors, tugs on the brass handles but can not enter because it is locked from the inside. He hears his wife screaming again but this time he is so much more worried than he ever was.

He returns to pacing, but faster this time. The screaming stops and again he hear a baby’s cry and thinks inside his head, twins! When the doors open the king enters the room. At first he walks in very slowly. When he sees his wife on her bed with two babies, wrapped up blankets in her hands, he was in shock that he was right about the twins. He comes over and picks one up.

A servant comes over, bows and says to the King, “Two boys. Your Majesty” as she leaves the room. The king thinks to himself as he looks at one of his sons, two heirs could be a problem when they are older. How will they get along once they are soon to be king unless I do something about it?

“What should we name them?” asked the Queen warily. “I would like to name the eldest Pollux and the other after your father, Castor.”

A few years later, the boys are older now. The two boys are in the nursery playing and talking to one other. Then they start to fight. The Queen comes in. “What are you two doing? Please don’t fight,” as she pulls them part with the help of the servants.

Pollux gets up and says “He said that when he grows up he would be king but I was born first,” as he points a finger at Castor. Castor replies “I heard some servants talking saying that I had yours and father’s hair color, that I would be king.”

“I will talk to your father.” The Queen replies then leaves and goes to the throne room. She walks up to the King and tells him about the fight and the conversation after it. He thinks awhile and replies “Bring in Castor.”

While the King waits for Castor to come he calls for Pollux’s governess to come. She enters moments later, bows and says “Your Majesty called.” The king turns to her and says “Yes, I want you to take Pollux to my cousins in Sparta. He will be raised there. Now go and pack his things and when your done tell him to come here.”

She answered, “As you wished, Your Majesty.” As she left, Castor enters “Why was Pollux’s governess here, Father?” he asked.

“I had to ask her to do something for me.” The king said “Your Mother told me what happened with you and Pollux. That’s no way to act like a prince and you know it. Any way, he’s going away for awhile. So you better say goodbye.”

“Yes, Father.” Replies Castor as he leaves the throne room.

As the King, Queen and Castor waving goodbye to Pollux, all seemed to be at peace, but not for long.

Years went by, as Castor studied in school, his brother did mock fights with the soldiers, and he was considered to be the best in every thing.

More years go by, now the princes are in their mid twenties, a war broke out among the city-states. Castor is made commander of the army, while Pollux thinks about joining the army, but makes no decision.

As Pollux walks toward the battle, he sees a group of wounded soldiers walking toward him. He runs up and asks if any one needed help. Someone called out, “Yes, I could use some help, if you don’t mind.” Pollux goes up to the man who said yes. He sees the commander, Castor, holding up a man with a head wound. “Are you the one who said yes?” asked Pollux.

“Yes, now if you could hold his other arm I would be very thankful.” Replies Castor. As Pollux helped him, a group of rebels attack them from the hills. An archer stood on a hill and was just about to shoot Castor when Pollux dropped the wounded man and jumps right in front of Castor just in time to get the arrow in his shoulder. Pollux crumbles to the ground, Castor runs to Pollux.

“What were you doing? Jumping in front of me, you could have been killed!” Castor said as he glanced around for more archers “And thanks, now I owe you.” Castor then gets up and battles any rebels who try to get near Pollux. The enemy then runs away because why fight wounded soldiers, they can’t do much to you.

Castor then runs back to Pollux and says “Can you walk?”

“I don’t know,” replies Pollux leaning on him. “Wait, what about the soldier we were helping?”

“Oh, sadly he died when I was defending you,” said Castor. “I wonder why they would attack us when we are so close to our camp,” as Castor helped up Pollux. Just then a scout yells “Camp is just a head everyone.” Castor turns to Pollux “Just like I said.”

When they enter the camp, Castor leads Pollux into his tent. He then lays Pollux down on his cot and calls for the camp surgeon. As the surgeon heals Pollux, Castor talks to him. “Tell me about you. I want to know all about you,” asked Castor.

“Well, I was born in Flhia but grew up in Sparta. Not much else that I know of. What about you?”

“Pretty much the same except I had to stay in Flhia only because I am a prince.” Castor said as he found a seat.

Just before the surgeon leaves he advises that Pollux should rest awhile. As he rests, Pollux has strange dreams about being home, but not the home he grew up in. The one where he was born playing with his brother then it changes to their fight, then when he had to leave. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Castor’s tent. He sits up but winces in pain. He lies back down in time just before Castor comes in. “So how did you sleep?”

“Fine I guess,” said Pollux warily.

“Hey, you never told me who your father was?” Castor replied

“King Neoptolemos the sixth” replied Pollux casually.

“Odd, that’s my father’s name too. But I don’t remember having a brother. Hold on a moment, now I remember long ago I had a brother but he moved to my second cousins in Sparta.” Castor says.

“What was his name?”

Castor thought for a monumeant“Pollux, I think. I mean it’s been so long ago. ”

“Really because that’s my name, I used to live Flhia and had a brother named Castor and since your name is Castor you must be my long lost brother.” He sat up slightly to give Castor a hug but he lay back down. “Plus that would account for the strange dream that I had” he mumbled.

But Castor heard him and asked “Can you tell me all about it?”

After Pollux told Castor his dream, he suddenly thought of a plan “I think we should have a celebration don’t you?”

“Yes” Castor exclaimed. That night there was a feast for every soldier at the camp.

After a couple of days, Pollux got better and was fit for battle. One day they were discussing battle plans, when Pollux took Castor aside and asks “We’re both princes so who shall be commander?”

“My, I mean our father had me do it because at the time I was his only son. But if you want to, all we have to do is ask the men who they want.”

So that’s what they did, Castor took the right and Pollux took the left side of the camp. When they finished asking the soldiers, there was only one more soldier left to ask. Castor and Pollux went up to the soldier and asked him who he would want for commander.

He answered “I think you two should fight for it.” And that’s just what they did.

They found a ring of dirt and begin to fight. After a while Castor remembered what their father told him when they were fighting, when they were little in the nursery. Immediately he stopped fighting but he was too slow and got punched by Pollux. When Pollux saw that his brother stopping fight him, he stopped too.

“Why did you stop?” he asked breathlessly.

“I remembered something our father said to me long ago. Why should we fight each other when we have a war to finish? I have an idea, how about we both command the army?”

“I like your idea. And if one of us dies the other will take his place on the throne or commander?”

“Okay that’s a deal.” They gave both a brief hug and then got back to thinking up strategies.

The war ended a few years later, they now are returning home, Flhia. As they enter through the gates they are welcomed as champions. Castor turns and sees Pollux looking kind of heartbroken considering all of what he did.

Castor then waits for everyone to stop shouting and says “I’m deeply humble that you call me a hero when you should be calling my good friend, Pollux too, because without him I would have died on the way to our camp. And he also helped me with the planning. I’m very grateful for it. So let’s hear for Pollux.”

“Pollux, Pollux, Pollux our hero.” The town people cried.

As they enter the gates of the palace, they are greeted by the Queen. “Your home at last, my son.” The King then enters and says “How was the war, son?” At the same time Castor and Pollux say “Fine” but Pollux stops mid sentence and turns to Castor. “Um... yeah the war was fine lost many men on both. And I would you to meet my good friend Pollux. I sure you’ve meet him before.”

“No, I can’t say that I have…. Wait as I recall you had a twin brother called Pollux long ago. I almost forgot about him or rather you. I mean it’s been awhile since we last saw you. How are you?”

“Everyone seems to be asking me that question to day. I’m fine honest.” Pollux replies.

The King and Queen hug the two of them for awhile then went inside the palace.

A few months go by; Castor and Pollux were talking to each other “So when Father dies who will be king. I mean I want the throne just as much as you do.”

“I think we should talk to Father about it.” They both go to the King and ask him who should be king when he dies. “Who should it be? What I mean is Pollux was born first but I lived here my whole life the people know me more.”

The King thought this over and said “I will tell you tomorrow.” The next day the King called for Castor and Pollux. “I think you both should become kings. What I mean is that you both rule the same throne.”

Years go by, now Castor and Pollux are kings. Their kingdom was thriving until one day when King Castor got sick and sicker. Pollux wanted to see him but was stopped every time by his sister-in-law. A week later, Castor dies; the kingdom goes into mourning for their beloved king. A week after that Pollux dies of a broken heart for his brother. The kingdom once again goes into mourning.

A year later the kingdom is in turmoil, because it has no king. Castor’s and Pollux’s children were fighting for the throne. Some of them even died for it.

The Man in the Moon saw what was happening and thought to himself “I should open up their eyes. Let them realize that what they are doing is bad for the kingdom.” He transforms himself into a little star and heads towards Earth. As he enters the Earth’s atmosphere he transforms himself into a man. After he lands he gets up and looks around. He sees a cart heading his way. He signals the driver to stop. When the driver stops, the driver asks “Yes, can I help you?”

“Can you take me to the palace of Flhia?”

“Sure, hop on.” And off they went. The driver drops him off at the palace and goes on his way. As the Man in the Moon walks into the courtyard he is meet by the King at the time. “No-good-double-crossers, why did they have to do that? They mess everything up.” The Man in the Moon stopped him and said “I can help you. That is if you give me a minute of your time?”

“Alright you have a minute.”

“I see that you are troubled tell me what happened how come you are not on the throne?”

“My cousin right now is on the throne, and as to why I’m troubled is because our fathers were kings that means that the next in line should be myself or my cousin but he won’t give back the throne to me unless I die. Which means he gets the throne anyway you look at it.”

“Well, that’s where I can help you. I can make you king.”

“Really, you would do that for me?”

“Yes, and I will also put your father and uncle in the sky so they can watch their kingdom grow if you stop fighting your cousin.”

“Okay, I will do what you told me to do.”

And off the king went. The Man in the Moon transformed himself into a start again and headed to the moon. He watched the kingdom prosper under the new king. Since the king kept his promise the Man in the Moon kept his.

One night the King could not sleep so he got up and looked out at the stars. He say a lot of bright lights, so many that he had to turn away. When the lights stopped he turned back and saw that there was a new constellation in the night sky. In a spilt second he knew that it was the promise that he made to the Man in the Moon. “Just like the man I meet promised.” He said out loud.

The two kings in the story, Castor and Pollux are actually called Gemmi or the twins. But if you look in the newspapers in the horoscope section, you will that they are there too, they are from May 21rst to the 20th of June.

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You have a knack for dialogue.

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Wow! This is AMAZING. Way to go!