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A Couple Prompts

November 30, 2020
By Anonymous


There are 7 separate prompts included in this collection, all of which I made on my own, mostly all done in 2019 with a couple exceptions. These stories include: 

-The Story of Hwa Grimes Aka: The Original

The first prompt I made and spawned my enjoyment of the artform, it being the first means it isn't that good but also means I have to respect it for being the first anyways.

-The Story of Blair Faircloth Aka: The Rip-off sequal spin-off Cinimatic Universe

I tried a tie-in, note to self no tie-ins, it's okay, I tried to go for a style similar to that of L.M Montgomery in Anne of Green Gables (My favorite book of all time) and i think I did okay, first one I could say is good.

-The Story of Julene Boney Aka: The 'Funny' One

The Narrator is british, read it in your head in the voice of the Narrator from the Stanley Parable and it's a lot funnier sounding, promise,

-The Story of Narcisa Thomsen Aka: The Edgelord Productions

I... Don't like this one, it's only here for preservationist sake and keeping all my works together in moving so I don't lose it, it isn't good, it's why discrimination and Death are checked off and it really just isn't that good, sorry if I offend anyone.

-The Story of Hung Graffis Aka: James Blond

Wacky Spy, Crazy Heist, Cute Boy??? Basically Totally Spies written by a Freshman though I've never watched the show I'm assured I'll be sued over it eventually, so there's that. Some fun writing and a little bit higher quality to the others but still nothing impressive.

-The Story of Sam/Brandon Aka: Political commentary, Also odd one out.

This is the only one not written in a word processor, this was actually written late one night in Google Mail, and I later transported it to Word and fixed it up there both versions should be included.


A Couple Prompts

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