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My Passerine

March 4, 2022
By Mellohi GOLD, Wentzville, Missouri
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Mellohi GOLD, Wentzville, Missouri
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Author's note:

This is one of my many stories that were created in my head but luckily this is just a lucky one that actually got written down.

P.O.V Mortal (Sora)

Flying… FLYING! Flying sounds fun. I wish I could but she can and I shall watch. I watch as she soars through the sky and falls to the ground only to Woosh! Back up again. She glides with her feathered wings, which you could mistake for silk. She is so beautiful, flying to unknown music that only she can hear. Dancing to unknown sounds and looking like a fool. She is so small in the sky, only a speck. I wish I could grow wings and join her. My beautiful friend, flying high, please don’t fall or you will not be able to fly. Her wings shimmer in the light that is left. The sun is setting and it will soon be time to rest. We will have to go and come back another day. Wait, where did she go? Fwip! She wraps her arms and wings around me and holds me tight.

“Hello my friend, how have you been? Shall we head home?” She asks.

She scoops me up and off we go into the sky. This is the closest I will get to flying so I cherish it while I can. I wish to do this more often but I only see her now and then. I will miss her. I will love her. My little Passerine let me come with you! Oh, but she can’t for the gods are evil. I have to stay here for she knows where I will be if I stay and I can not think of not seeing her again. I would die before I leave her! I will wait at the willow for you my love. I will always be at the willow through rain and snow. I won’t leave you.

My Passerine you fly so high. Your wings glow in the sun. For they look like a galaxy has formed within your feathers. My amazing Passerine do not try to get rid of your glory, keep it even if it is the thing keeping us separate. I will always love your glory. It makes you beautiful.

My passerine has been gone for so long now. It makes me sad and angry. I hate the gods for they keep her away! I need my Passerine to live and right now I am not living. I miss you my Passerine. 

Today is bad but also good. The willow is beautiful today. The willow is beautiful… She should be here now. My Passerine? Where are you? She always comes when the tree is beautiful and visits every day till it is not pretty. Although I think it is always beautiful, but, she should be here. Is she okay?

My Passerine… did I mess up? Did I fail you? Please come home.


Passerine… Passerine… why do I call you this again? I have forgotten what you look like. No… I have not, I still remember your beauty and your glory. I will remember even if you never return. I will wait at the willow, like always. One day you’ll come. Please come…

It’s been too long. The willow has grown beautiful 2? 3? times now. Have you forgotten me? My bird? That’s not right. My Passerine! That is your name Passerine. My love, I miss you, please return home safe. I don’t know how much longer I can last without you.

I sit atop the willow as I watch the sky. I call for you hoping you hear me. I sing songs for you to guide you home. I stare up at the sky and feel the calming wind in my hair making it dance. Soon I forget the time and sit atop the willow waiting for something to happen. A strong wind blows and shakes the branches and I topple over… over the side of the tree. I’m falling so slowly. I can hear you but can not see you, all I see is the sky, the beautiful blue sky, and the flowers of the willow falling with me. I will soon reach the ground and all will be done. There is nothing I can do but wait. I hope to see you again, my Passerine, one day. I feel my body hit the ground and then… Everything is black.

P.O.V of the Goddess of life/death (Marina)


The gods knew. They knew I was visiting the mortal. They kept me busy so I could not visit her. But today they give me a job, I could tell it was going to be different. The gods were smiling as they told me who’s soul to collect. I wept as I flew to collect my love. I’m sorry, I wish you could have stayed longer. 

As I approach her I see the willow and its beautiful flowers. I should be visiting her right now and having fun, but it is too late for that. I land and slowly walk up to her lifeless body. I hate to see you like this. I give her one last hug and a kiss goodbye. Wait… could I?... maybe… I could try. I hold my love in my arms and sing her a song. A song of life, joy, sorrow, and love. As I sing I feel my love start to breathe again and I smile. But I can not stop singing yet I must finish the song.



P.O.V of the mortal (Sora)

I breathe in a gasp of breath. I’m alive? That isn’t possible, I fell from such a great height. I hear singing. It sounds like Marina, My Passerine! She finally came! She stops singing and I open my eyes. I stare at her glowing golden eyes and smile, “You’ve come home.” I tell her. She pulls me close and we stay close for a long time. I wish to never let go. We pull apart and she tells me, “I was the goddess of life and death, but now I am just death, You are life now.” I stare at her in shock. She pulls me to my feet and she tells me “You can fly now! We can fly together!” I give her a confused glance and she points over my shoulder. I turn to see golden feathers and I extend them, they are glorious. I turn back to my Passerine and smile.

My dreams have come true, I can fly, and I can spend the rest of my life with my Passerine. We fly for hours, we laugh and cry. Our wings glittering next to each other. We land next to the willow and snuggle against the tree using our wings for warmth and comfort. My Passerine sings another song and I drift to sleep. My Passerine is back again, I am alive.

P.O.V of Goddess of Death (Marina)

Sora, I shall never leave you. I will stay with you forever. I do not care if the gods are mad. I am not one of them anymore. I will make a world for just you and me to live in. I will not let the evil of the gods hurt you again. I take my love's hand and hold her tight.

Sora used to live in an energetic village full of nice people. She was loved by all of the village's children but the adults never seemed to like her. They would never invite her to parties or big events the children had always made sure she was there though. It was coming time for the yearly festival, which honored the Goddess of Life and Death, who visited every year right as the trees had started to bloom, and the adults of the village wanted to get rid of Sora so they made a rumor that Sora was a terrible person and disrespected the goddess. Many believed it for the village had suffered from an awful disease that year that killed a bunch of the animals, so they blamed Sora for all of these things. Once enough people had heard this rumor they had Sora banished from the village. Some of the villagers didn’t believe it and told Sora to go to a cottage in a field where there would be a beautiful Willow tree that bloomed magnificent golden flowers. This is where Sora stayed for a while waiting for her life to continue into something better. In these years the Goddess of Life and Death would visit both the village and Sora when trees bloomed. The first year Marina went to the village and Sora wasn’t there she had asked some people where she was and they told her where to find Sora. Marina was not happy they banished her, Sora had nothing to do with the animals deaths, that was just the gods being mean because she visited the village so often. This went on for years until Marina stopped visiting the village and Sora. The villagers were worried and the nice villagers went to Sora to ask her if she knew where Marina went but they could not find Sora at the cottage so they went back to the village. Some more years passed and Marina and Sora were still missing, the village was having their usual festival and the children started to yell. Everyone went outside and saw the Goddess walking towards the middle of the village. Marina was greeting those at the giant cherry tree in the town square. They were all asking her where she was and if she was alright. 

“ I am fine, The gods have been keeping me busy,” Marina responds.

The village celebrates the return of the Goddess and tells Marina stories of what happened while she was gone. 

“My Goddess, do you happen to know what happened to Sora?” A kind teen asks, they knew Sora as a child.

“I do, she shall arrive soon. We have been traveling together for the past year or so.” Marina says.

“What kind of goddess are you?” One of the new children asks Marina

“I am the goddess of Death my dear child, but do not worry I will not harm you.”

“I thought you were the Goddess of Life and Death, not just death.” One villager states.

“My love is now the goddess of Life, she had a tragic end and I saved her so we could be together for longer,” Marina says smiling. “I believe she should be here soon.”

Just then a figure glides down from the sky and lands softly next to Marina. 

“Hello my Passerine, how have you been? I’m sorry I was late. The soul I had to see was complicated but very kind.” Sora exclaimed.

“I am fine my love, it is fine that you are late. Time is not a concern for me.” 

Marina walks up to Sora and gives her a kiss on the cheek and looks back at the people of the village. 

“This is Sora the goddess of Life,” Marina says.

The children run to Sora and ask her a bazillion questions about anything and everything. Sora guides the children to sit and answers as many questions as she can. One of the villagers who knew Sora as a child asks Marina what happened to Sora.

“I left her for too long and the gods disliked my and Sora’s relationship with each other. So they took her life using their powers. They still don’t quite like her but they are not mean to her. When we visited the gods for the first time they knew that they couldn’t do anything about it so they are learning to deal with it.” Marina responds. 

“Yes, they are learning to deal with me, they will have to. I'm not going anywhere.” Sora Walks up behind Marina and wraps her hand in Marinas.

They didn’t stay for long, they had places to be but they still wanted to catch up with the people of the village since they had been gone for so long. Soon they had to leave and they promised to come to visit every year. They kept their promise and visited every year meeting the new people and saying bye to the old ones. The village was always nice to them, they would give gifts and they made sure to celebrate when they came. Everyone enjoyed the days when the goddesses visited and it made everyone happy. But one year they came to visit and they had two new people with them. They were two children who were 7 years old and were twins. They were Marina and Sora’s children and they were magnificent.

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