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The Winds Of Change

April 6, 2011
By Jacob59 BRONZE, Greeley, Colorado
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Jacob59 BRONZE, Greeley, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"I love it when it rains, because no one can tell when you cry."-Me (it is part of a poem that i wrote

Author's note: This is just the beginning to this Ballad/story that I am writing. So it is a to be continued thing. =) Hope you like it! =)

Breaking on the shore of the beach line, the waves are cresting so valiantly
The white mist atop the water spires, dance in the sun light of a summer’s warm day
Casting shadow as it rolls across the sky
The clouds that appeared from anywhere but nowhere
All time stands still as the thunder begins to rumble, the waves in their highest crest, as if frozen water
The fish in their leisurely water filled world
All stop in mid stroke of the not so long before peaceful harmony
The light breeze that carried away all worries now stands still in mid gust
All of time stands still
But the thunder of the seemingly alive black clouds still rumbles
All time and all things stand still, but the thunder still rumbles
With the final crack of thundering that is throughout the black clouds rumbling
All is as it was
Time starts to move again as if new life was breathed in
The cresting waves come and anew the life of the fish in their leisure filled water with no ruing for the loss of the loved
The breeze of sweet worriless dreams continues in mid gust as the clouds of black return to the dust, or whatever place created such a vile intruding force of no coerce.

As night filled the sky the day draws to a close
End old things and making way for new
It is the end of something but also the beginning
This is a compromise
Shed the old put on the new
Things may be lost but they may be re gained
Do not fret over what is lost and regained, for it brings a renewed vigor
A new start on the old end
But never a true end nor a new beginning.

Rolling on in the pastures, through the hills of the Oceanside countries
All the nations great and small
Getting a small period of rest
To forget all the worries
To remember the forgotten memories of peaceful times
As the breeze reached the balcony of a large palace, the man of the chambers
To which the balcony belonged
Stepped out and breathed in the sea air drifting by
All the loneliness and sadness of days past, including the hurt of the day, vanished
“As if magic, the fresh air of dreams, the soul of hatred and bad feelings it cleans.” He quoted. “To bring hope of what could be, and not what will be.”
The sayings of the days of old
It was once said that the breeze of a summers night that had came from the ocean, brought good luck with it from the far away place that created the winds of great
“Cleansed of sin, and filled with luck, creating what is needed, and destroying what is corrupting. The soul and the mind as one being in separate places, live in the harmony of the body of cleansed thoughts.”
It was also said that if you said these very words as the wind passed, it would work. It was the only way for the magic to take its hold and do its wonders. But one could not just speak them, they had to feel them and mean the things that they spoke. Never giving up hope, as this man was, these words did make the difference in his life. His people loved him, and all the surrounding nations, that were larger by far, looked on his with respect. It was a wonder to him that none had ever tried to take it from him. But it was the words that he spoke out on his balcony whenever he felt the sea breeze waft by in the waning hours of the night. “Never losing faith, ye that is favored to be favored. Never giving way to fears, ye that is the fearless leader of peoples. Always standing in the position of a humble man with all the power is, ye that is to long last. And at long last, ye will not lose faith, never give into fear, and always be the great humble leader of peoples.”
That finished his beloved chant. It was the ending to make the magic settle. Or so he was told by the scholars when he was a child.
It was the chant that Kings made
It was the chant of leaders.

As the wind rode across the hilly Oceanside land it reached a balcony of a large palace
The man of the estate stepped out
That fool and his little chant
“As if magic, the fresh air of dreams! As if it were a true thing. It is no truer than the sky not being bluer than the waters of the sea.”
It is said that if you mock the magic of the Winds of Change, so they were called, they evil of them would be unleashed upon the speaker.
The people of his country did not like him
He was not in the good graces of the Grand nations surrounding him
“One must make his own ‘luck’” He quaffed
With this foul thought, the man of sharp tongue and distasteful hatred from his people, left the balcony of his showy estate to return to his lavish and very haughty chambers.

Things change as time moves on
Old things come to an end and new to a start
But the old isn’t gone for long
They stay in the people with their special place of heart
But as time fades so, so do the people
With the people, so goes the memory
As the things of old fade they become remembered as myth to the people
As time goes on, when the old is completely forgot to many
It comes as new in the dawn of a new day

As dawn broke across the horizon, Andiron awoke
He felt like he was reborn
The things of yesterday now just hazy smoke
He felt the words he spoke had really worked to break the scorn
Standing in his night apparel, he went out on the balcony
Andiron looked across his nation with a smile
All was well as it should be
Not a single person broke the law, so there was no trial
It was splendid
He rid his kingdom of all the trouble
All the worry was grounded
It was all things working to the double
Standing in his night apparel
He was surprised by the approach of his adviser
He came with a herald
He looked at bit troubled at the knowledge he held making him wiser
“He comes with grave news, to which he will tell none.” Jordain, the adviser, said
“It must be told to the king above all else first.” The strange man said
“He continually insists on saying this, that it must be done” Jordain spoke, seemingly irritated
“It must be told to the king above all else first.” The man insisted once again with a tone of urgency overcoming his voice and making it quiver. He quickly regained his composure.
“Well then out with it man. Speak!” King Andiron commanded.
The man glanced over to the Kings Advisor and back again.
“But my liege, I-“
“Jordain.” He said again with a little more force.
“As you wish it. . .” He left the two men. But not before a little hesitation, then a harrumph, and was gone.

From the Verses of Old the Ballad of Pain by Medusa:
What then is there left over of love
Deceived and broken, filled with spite
The pain is so thoughtlessly shoved
Into you melancholy mind without a thought of what is right
Body is trembling with the life of existence
Breaking in every direction
Creaking into the thoughtless essence
Of all the pained lesions
Destroying all but what is not
Creating what never should have been
To break you soul people have sought
But when they see your bend
They fall into a heap on the ground
Of destruction of all
But what is not is carried out by our blood lusting hounds
With all the pain now being suffered, the arms against you fall

Armondean, the man with all foolishness stood at his balcony,
Scheming of the entirety of things he would do whence he broke through Andirons walls.
Think of that man just maid the vile bile rise in his throat in a fashion that was untimely,
For at the very moment, his new, 15th advisor in the last moth, in walked with no stalls.
It seemed he had very important news,
But what could be so important to walk in unannounced?
“I should have your head off for this most rude intrusion; you mustn’t come as you choose!”
The king with his accusations on his advisor like a cat in the bushes pounced.
With a shrill cry, the advisor fell to the ground with the vile king atop him,
Knife so close to his throat that a small trickle of blood started to flow slowly.
“What is the reason for this most rude intrusion, speak! Or I will make you lights dim…”
The advisor was scared to silence. “Off to the gallows with you if you don’t speak quickly!”
“I, uh, the,” the terrified man stammered, “The army is ready to move at your command your majesty.”
“Good, I expected it last night. But that was impossible with such a large force I suppose. Numbers! Now!” The king commanded pressing the knife ever closer to his throat.
“150,000 men and more to join in the battle; if need be.”
“Good, I won’t have to skin you alive like a rabid goat.” The King said, lifting knife from bloodied throat.

“Leave me!” The king shouted.
With that, the advisor hurried away.
It seems when I told him to leave he pouted,
I shall have his head by the end of the day.

After leaving the Kings palace, the man knew the King would heave his head.
Se away from the kingdom he fled. . .

“What is your name good man? And why is your throat bloodied?” King Andiron inquired.
The man hesitated. “I am called Manderison.” He stammered “And this, this was from an accident. . .” Manderison trailed off
“Manderison? Be at ease my friend, you majesty cannot get to you here. I have 200,000 men that are ready and have arms hired.”
“You know who my king is? You cannot.”
“I do, and I know your little accident was probably from his knife, yes?” Andiron said, “But now, what is your urgent news?”
“Armondean has gathered an army of 150,000 men and another 150,000 on the side for reinforcements.”
“It seems with those numbers we are out numbered, but surely will not loose.”
“How can you speak in such a flat tone? You are out numbered by the total number of half your men?”
“I have men with weapons hired. I have expected that some day he would move against me, my men are train with the best. . .”
“Your men must all be this good and none any less.”
“You think me a fool?” The king asked calmly, and the man shied back.
“Of course not. . .” He said in a weak voice with his body seeming to go slack.
Everything went dark and Manderison fell to the ground.
Fool man pushed him self to hard with all his running around.

Andiron walked to the outer chamber of his rooms and called for nurse and sling.
“And quickly mind you!” The king shouted after the woman hurrying to carry out the king’s orders.

What a fool of a man! Refusing me to help his wounds or even a glass of water, coming in here demanding an audience with the king as if he were a king or advisor himself! The woman thought to herself as she was hurrying to get what the man would need. Ought to just let him have what he has coming I should!
“What is that?” someone said
She stopped startled and looked around. And she spotted Jordain. “Sorry my lord Jordain, just that fool man refusing help and demanding an audience with the king as if he were- Never mind.” She said, cutting herself of, “I must be to carrying out the King’s orders, my lord.” She said curtsying to Jordain and then hurried off.

Good, let us hope she doesn’t find out too much, or I will have to do away with her… Here healing is very good. She must have the Gift in her. Jordain thought. How long had he gone by that name? It has been so long that I am starting to think it my own. He thought with disgust. If the winds have graced her, sure surely is strong in the Gift. “Let us hope we can use her.” Startled that that had come out, he looked around to make sure none had heard. When he was satisfied that none had, he left to his chambers.

How long had it been since he came to throne?
Surely it had been a very, very long time,
At least it had seemed so
But for true the years only added to nine
Why had it taken so long to gather his men?
It had been but nine long years
And how many “trusted” advisors had he had since then?
And how many had he thrown to the bears?
All that is, all but one,
The only one that died from the treason.
But that is in the past,
To think of it, he no longer has reason.
But still think at times he does,
About this glorious that he avoided for so long
It would bring great glory, great glory to us,
No to me the man thought, even though it would be done by those who sing, who sing the war song

Armondean stood on the balcony, in his gilded best
Thinking how much he liked this way to dress
Looking out at his men at arms
Waiting for his signal to harm
“Your majesty, my lord, you commanded me to come?” Said the kings maid who so patiently waited.
“Yes, I did. What kept you so long!” He said in more of a demand
“I ran as fast as I could your majesty.” The maid plainly stated
She obeyed, though taking her time,
How she did tend to annoy him every time she was near
But she had been to his care since not old enough to hold even dime

If anyone could be his new advisor, it would be this woman here
He was pleased that she knew enough to just bluntly lie and not come up with some stupid excuse
He would have seen straight though it
Although that makes no sense he thought to himself
“I need a new advisor. I have someone in mind, we shall see if they are willing to do the job, yes?”
“You need me to fetch the person for you? Or is that not why I am here.” She said as more of a statement than a question.
“Yes. I think that you might know how I have in mind.” He said placidly waiting for her response.
“I don’t know, my great lord.” She didn’t want to displease him, he could still be used and not know it if she went about it the right way, and DID NOT give herself up like the others did.
“You. . . Do you accept?”
“Yes my lord.” She said as meekly as possible. “I accept.”
“Good,” he said turning to his balcony “because we march at mid-day.”
“I will be joining you?” she said
“Yes. Go make your self ready. And you will move into the advisors quarters since you are the new one. Now off with you!”
She hurried away. I must send a pigeon to Andiron! She thought with great urgency.

Andiron stood at his window and looked out over his country as he watched his citizens of outlying cities and villages stream into the inner city walls. The city was big enough for every single person who lived in his nation. He knew this day was coming some day soon. That is why he made his city so large with so much empty space in the city. He also made sure he always had plenty of food stored up just in case this ever happened. And now it was.
“I cannot believe that this is happening” he said aloud to no one, “I knew this day would come, but I always held hope it wouldn’t.” Where is Jordain? He thought. I haven’t seen him at all today.
Andiron walked to the door of his study hall and entered the ornately decorated hallway.
Walking toward the quarters that his advisor lived in he thought of nothing,
Because he never thought he would see this day.
He heard talking around the corner and stopped because it was Jordain speaking.

“You will capture that man and kill him!” he said in a hushed whisper
“But he still can be used.” The other person, a woman, said in a trembling voice
“He betrayed our great King Armondean!” Jordain said in a manner
“As you wish it, for it is your choice.”
Andiron quickly hid behind a large table he was standing next to, as soon as he did, the two traitors came out of the corridor from which they were just talking.
The pair began down the hallway, but then Jordain stopped and looked at the woman with the most terrifying face ever, and said “Now do what I have told you, or you shall pay the price!” He lifted his hand and did something, and the woman fell into a heap on the floor. After that Jordain hurried off.
Andiron was astonished and appalled at what he had just heard and witnessed. I must not let him know that I know. Is that really Jordain? Leaving the woman on the floor he rushed to find some of his men. Some were just down the hall. At seeing the King they went to the floor on their knees and kept their heads to the ground. “Rise! Quickly now! See that woman?” he asked pointing to the collapsed servant on the floor, they nodded, “Pick her up and place her under arrest. Tie her in a cell and tell no one about this! Once you are done, guard the cell and let none in save myself. Not even Jordain. Get three more trustable companions of yours and make sure one of you has the gift! Use it to hide her appearance in the cell so none can see I they get close enough. Do not ask any questions, this is very urgent! Off with you now. Oh, and it is finished, notify me and do it your self in person. I do not want to get a note from someone else.” After finishing, he took a deep breath and hurried off to his own chambers.
He grabbed for the gift and felt his way inside the room with it to make sure that no one person had been inside or laid trap. He was one of the strongest in the gift in a long time. When he was satisfied, he entered his room and closed the door behind him. He told the woman who was out side of his main room in the anteroom that no one was to bother him save the one man who was bringing him a message of great urgency and she was not to ask what it was. She nodded and he hurried into the next room. He could feel the pulse of his friend who was watching over Armondean and knew that that meant that she was sending a pigeon with a message for him. He replied the same way, using the gift to send out a pulse that was for one person only, and only she would be able to feel it, and if anyone did, they would not know what it meant. The gift was very weak in some of the people, but every single person was born with it. The most some people could do with it was to poke themselves, and very lightly at that. Part of the gift was the ability to heal. Some were very good at it and could heal most any wound. And some couldn’t even heal the slightest bruise. Once, people were so strong, they could fly, but not anymore. That knowledge had been lost long ago in the War of Myths. Even many of the Mythical creatures that are in stories existed, and most still do. But they live in secret. Except King Andiron, he knew of every “Myth” creature that was still alive today, and had ambassadors among all the hospitable. There are the myth creatures that were blood lusting wretches; they still are alive as well. He has had contact with them, but they are so barbaric that they are not even some kind of civilization. They just run around in packs and groups causing trouble.

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