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April 7, 2012
By WaShEdOuTfAdEd BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
WaShEdOuTfAdEd BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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Like most people, my life isn't perfect. I'm not popular, but I'm not unpopular either, I'm just here like everybody else. My life used to be relatively normal, that is until I met Blake. He was tall, dark, and gorgeous in that deeply annoying sort of way. So I met a really hot guy. It's a little unusual for me, but isn't that how these stories always start? Awkward, naive girl meets gorgeous, experienced boy *swoon*. Give me a break.
Maybe you're not quite grasping why this is so life changing for me. Let's see, the night I met Blake he tried to kill me and almost succeeded. ALMOST! If he had succeeded the story would be over. After he apologized profusely, and after I gave in to my twisted fascination I have with him we started hanging out. It's weird isn't it? Why would I want to hang out with the guy that nearly killed me? I don't know the answer...sorry. I can't say that I trust him, I mean I'm not THAT stupid. He kind of scares the crap out of me.
So, I've told you about the intensely hot guy that tried to kill me. Let's see what's next? Oh yes! A few days after meeting Blake I had this strange dream about these people that call themselves "Hunters." They hunt vampires and all the other beasties of the nights. Apparently I'm one of them, but I refuse to accept it. So they start following me obsessively trying to get me to join them like some freaky cult. So I'm a Hunter being hunted by the Hunters who claim they're my friends. I'm being followed incessantly by Blake, the supernatural creep who tried to kill me, and then I have to try to explain all of this to my best friend because we agreed never to keep secrets from each other. Oh no! My life isn't complicated at all! And yes, I do realize that I starting ranting a good while back.

Sydney P.


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Omg please right more its so goods!!!!